Silverstone 2011 camping, help needed.

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    Im going to Silverstone this year with a 3 day general admission and camping pass,but im in a bit of a pickle! The Silverstone website messed up my booking and put me in Whittlebury park, when I asked for Woodlands campsite as thats where the rest of my group are. They say they cant change my camping pass!

    I can either camp in Whittlebury solo but that wont be too fun.

    I could find a woodlands pass on ebay but it would go very expensive, and i dont konw if it would work having a pass not booked along with my tickets.

    I heard somewhere that you can pay to get into woodlands on the gate, but I dont know how much it will be, or if they would let me in!

    I’d rather be with the rest of my group of friends that are going, but I don’t know what to do, any ideas? any help is greatly appreciated




    Yes you can turn up at woodlands ( I think is around 20 per person per night) but it’s generally full come Friday morning and with this yes attendance up it is a lottery.. I have camped there twice and also tried a number of times and not got in..

    Can you not squeeze in the car with the rest of your friends?




    forgive me if im wrong, but i believe that questions about going to see a grand prix should be posted here:

    2011 British Grand Prix discussion

    i imagine a moderator (or if your lucky the great Keith himself) will close the thread




    JustAnF1Fanatic is correct. Check that link out for answers to your query, thanks!

    Topic Closed

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