Silverstone or Yas Marina

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    Grant Bigham

    Just wondering what other people think about these two tracks? in terms of there track layout, being able to induce overtaking and enjoyable racing? and facilities-wise?

    I think Silverstone’s track is much better designed and lends itself to overtaking better, specifically through farm curve as Vettel proved last year. Has more exciting corners, different variety or corners and corner sequences. Yas Marina has the better facilities but I put that done to the massive budget available and the relative newness of the track, being able to start from a clean slate. Will be interesting to see Silverstone’s new pit complex though. In terms of the track at Yas Marina, I think its lacking, just seems stop-start and very technical but boring and not very enjoyable to watch. Plus as we saw last year it doesn’t lend itself to overtaking.



    Silverstone BEFORE all the work was done there was far better than Yas Marina is now.

    Fair enough, Yas Marina may be draped in jewellery and have fancy buildings and tunnels and things like that but Silverstone has has the Maggots/Becketts/Chapel complex, one of the best in F1. It also is packed out every day of every race weekend with dedicated fans. For those two reasons alone Silverstone is better.

    That will be my first race, when the finances allow of course! :D



    Silverstone’s much better than Yas Marina, but I feel its very overrated. It seems people hold Silverstone up with Spa and Monaco and Monza (another overrated track IMO), but its just a flat, fast track. I think I prefer Donington but havn’t seen a full F1 race on it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Silverstone, but it seems to get rated higher based on visions of the past than its actual worth as a circuit


    sbl on tour

    take off all the fancy dans and bling, yas is just mickey mouse

    m.i.c.k.e.y m.o.u.s.e

    silverstone every time, anyway where else would you see “silverstone syd”

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