So they've gone and ruined GP2 cars aswell!

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    Why did they feel the need to change the rules for GP2 and make the cars so ugly.

    I always though GP2 cars were the best looking since F1 was butchered (although they’re improving with age).

    World Series by Renault cars are now the best looking at this stage.



    I think it looks ok.

    I only hope they didn’t make them to hard to pass, with all those aero thingies :)



    They kinda had to do it unfortunatley, it’s no use having a feeder series if the cars have fundementally different layouts to what the series being Fed uses.

    Still I suspect we’ll warm to them eventually. Just like the F1 cars.


    Keith Collantine

    This is just such flawed thinking.

    They’ve copied the OWG style of current F1 cars which are completely out of proportion. But GP2 cars have never needed such an extreme aerodynamic treatment because they’re fairly low-downforce to begin with.

    I really like GP2 and I’m very disappointed they’ve ruined the look of the cars. The first two generations were some of the best-looking single seaters around.



    “Still I suspect we’ll warm to them eventually. Just like the F1 cars. “

    Or maybe F1 wings should just be changed back to normal, because they’re fugly and they didn’t achieve their intended purpose, and these cars still look terrible for no reason?


    Tom L.

    I’m clearly alone on this, but on looks alone I quite like the new GP2 car – I will, however, reserve ultimate judgement until I’ve seen them racing!



    They’ve copied the OWG style of current F1 cars which are completely out of proportion

    And they don’t work like they were supposed to because of badly written swiss cheese rules. Whats the point in getting the “pinnacle” of motorsport wrong and then screwing up the lower tiers aswell.

    Would it be such a bad thing to “test” new regulations in lower ranks of motorsport, like they do with new rules in soccer for instance. See do they actually work and then enforce them with F1. I know this may cost a lot of money at the start but at least the rules may be a bit more solid when it’s done and then only minor tweaks may be needed.

    And who is in the Overtaking Working Group anyway. Were they’re any drivers involved in the process??

    They potentially have a clean sheet to work from, from 2013.

    Let’s hope they don’t mess it up.



    The OWG cars may be well out of proportion, an it may be unessacary in stricly downforce terms, but the large front wings, an increased slip streaming oppourtunities provided by the new layout was different to the current generation of GP2 cars.

    It will make the GP2 cars more like the mini F1 cars, which is exactly what they’re supposed to be.



    I suppose your right Scribe, this makes the GP2 cars closer in behaviour and looks to the F1 cars so it’s ok. All this bad publicity by people liking the beautifull GP2 cars more than those High back, snowplough fron F1 cars will end now! :-(

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