So, what would you like to see, if you were given permission to access all of th

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    Not sure who (probably FOM), but someone must have all the footage from f1 races since 1950. In the last years that’s every driver’s onboard shots during the whole GP weekends, and all the other cameras at the track.

    So, what would you like to see, if you were given permission to access all of that footage?

    I’ll start with three recent ones (I’ll write more when I have more time)

    Sutil’s onboard race in Monaco, 2008: Stunning drive in probably the worst car in the grid, no mistakes and an incredible performance in the wet Monaco.

    Petrov’s onboard first lap in Melbourne, 2010: Ok, so some of it is in the f1.com’s Australian GP review, and more will probably be seen in the season review DVD, but I’d like to see the whole thing. His second f1 race and he was starting from behind in the wet, muscling his way through the field with a great start.

    Hlkenberg’s onboard Q3 in Interlagos, 2010: He was majestic in the tricky conditions, and all we got to see was the last lap. I’d like to see all the laps after he put the slicks on.

    Over to you


    Great idea. I know if I could, I’d love to see:

    Allan McNish’s onboard footage from his Suzuka 2002 crash.

    Robert Kubica’s onboard footage from the crash in Montreal in 2007.

    All of the footage available from the 1950 British Grand Prix.



    All of the camera angles that saw action which we didn’t see on TV of the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix.



    As Enigma mentioned the Australian GP race edit, I went to F1.com to watch it. It is funny that at that race Smedley said the same “Fernando is faster than you” to Massa :P But of course at that time he really meant it.

    Now answering the thread’s question, I’d probably die watching all footage. I wouldn’t resist watching the onboards of every first lap from every car at all races, every pole position and every crash in all history. Also I’d probably watch entire seasons from each era of the sport (front engined cars era, rear engined cars era, the early days of the aerodynamics, ground effects, turbos and finally our current era).



    I would forget everything else in life and just watch every race and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the footage FOM has to offer, which is probably a lot….

    I posted this earlier but the topic died early, here are reviews with some amazing footage of the 1970-1988 season. Just download the DivX player and you get over 20 hours of footage! It’s pretty incredible IMO.



    Ned Flanders

    Good question, rubbish title :P

    Are we talking all camera angles or just onboards? Like Geoffrey I’d like to see some of the big crashes that have occurred over the years from onboard.

    I’d be more interested in hearing all of the team radio transmissions that have happened over the years that we never got to hear. Imagine being able to listen to Ferrari’s radio calls from Austria 2002?!



    Footage of Ascari going into the Monaco harbour.

    Hawthorn vs Fangio at France.

    The entire Canadian 05 GP from Massa’s onboard.

    All of Alonso’s onboard from Hungary 06.

    Every angle at Monaco 08, Fuji 07 and Korea 2010.

    Onboards from both Massa and Kubica at Japan07.

    Onboard for Massa’s Monaco pole.

    Onboard for all of Jenson’s Aus 2010 victory which I think was one of the classiest wins ever.

    Every onboard of Senna, Prost, Gilles, Alesi, Alonso, Massa, Piquet snr, Mansell, Stewart and Cevert possible.


    Red Andy

    I’d love to see the onboards from the Spa ’98 pile-up! Especially from the guys like Rosset who pointlessly ploughed into the wreckage ages after everyone else had stopped crashing.

    Also, the onboard of Button’s second lap in the European GP of 2007. He pitted for wet tyres at the end of the first lap and was running about 16th in that godawful Honda. By the beginning of lap 3 he was fourth! Then he threw it at the scenery … but it’d be great to see him making all those passes.



    The complete onboard footage of Hamilton @ Silverstone, 2008.

    Sutil’s onboard footage, Monaco 2008. Poor guy deserved to be on the podium.



    I would also like to see Sutil at Monaco 2008 – but only to finally prove that he only got as high as he did by passing at least 2 cars under yellow flags, and to show that he probably would have been penalised after the race anyway.



    Schumacher’s onboard in the crash with Liuzzi (Abu Dhabi 2010)

    Senna’s onboard if it exists (San Marino 1994)



    I’m still waiting for more of Seb’s team radio after Abu Dhabi! :( Apparently he was talking about back when him and his Dad’s were the underdogs in Karting.

    Jaime’s on board from the first lap of Valencia 2010.

    Alonsos on board for the whole of Abu Dhabi 2010.

    To repeat some other people’s choices, most crash footage, like Schumacher’s from Abu Dhabi this year and Kubica’s 2007.



    Onboard of Kovalainen in his crash with Webber in Valencia. Hopefully it’ll be on the season review, but that must been an horrific sight for Heikki…and let’s not forget, he span at 200mph too!



    Onboard of the whole first lap of Alguersuari in Barcelona (maybe that’s what Katy ment). He was fantastic.



    i’d like to see an onboard of keke rosbergs 1985 british grand prix pole lap, fastest lap in f1 until 2001

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