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    So with all the talk being of Hamilton and Perez, who im delighted to see in front running car. One question has engulfed my thinking and personally overshadows both these drivers

    Where will Michael Schumacher be in 2013?

    I remember Ross saying the option of driving for Mercedes in 2013 was on Michael’ side which makes me think he’s been forced out for Lewis or has said to Ross he’s quitting.

    So what could he be up to?

    Retirement? Seems the most logical and realistic step now stepping into a world wide representative for Mercedes

    Ferrari? I Admit apart from filling the gap till Vettel arrives in 2014 this move makes no sence. Stepping into Alonso’s team just to stay in F1 doesnt sound like the kind of thing Michael would do.

    So what does everyone else think he will end up? Do you want him to stay in F1 or is his time up?


    Ben Needham

    I would love Schumacher to carry on.

    I think the sport is better for having him in it – whether he’s performing well or not.

    I can only see him at Ferrari or Sauber, though, as you say if it were Ferrari, it’d only be a year.



    Him moving to Ferrari makes a lot of sense to me. Would be a perfect way to end his career with just one more year with the team that he won five WDC titles with.



    In all honesty I’d love to see him return to Ferrari, even if it was just for one season. You can tell he really wants to continue and this season has been by far his best of his comeback indicating that he is gradually getting to the point where he may be able to achieve regular podiums if he gets the car.

    Another interesting, though almost impossible idea, is he could end his career at Force India due to their Mercedes links and perhaps as a sort of mentor for Hulk/ di Resta. It would be pretty nice to see his F1 career end where it begun, sort of like a full circle, even if there is nothing left of Jordan in the Force India team.



    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/19757566 – says on BBC Schumacher doesn’t know if he wants to continue, and if he’d wanted to sign a new contract earlier in the year he could have. I don’t really think he was forced out, if he wanted to sign and what the article says is true then why didn’t he? Drivers like Hamilton don’t come on the market very often and seeing as Michael was the one out of contract I don’t really see what else they could have done.


    He should go kneeting :P
    Well seriously he should go to WILLIAMS. The car has an extraordinary potential but due to the drivers they got we had just a glimpse of it. he should take Maldonado or Senna’s seat and make some magic to finish his career in another great team. It’s the only team remaining which has won a race this year. He could make it even better. Maldonado’s money? Imagine the marketing!!!! Why don’t you just give me Sir Frank’s or Toto’s phone?



    Retirement from Formula 1 would be the sensible option, I’m sure Mercedes would open up a DTM seat if Michael asked.



    Ferrari, that would be nice even if it was only for one season.



    I get the feeling that it’s F1 or nothing for Schumacher. I don’t think he showed any interest in DTM last time he retired, and I don’t think he will continue to race if not in F1.



    Strange as it is for me to say this, I would like to see Schuey remain in F1, and being visible too. He’s much more likeable now, and I think he dearly loves being apart of the sport.



    I can’t see him continuing to be honest, though it would be nice to still have him in the paddock perhaps working with the Mercedes team.


    Keith Collantine

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