So Who`s Better… Hamilton or Alonso?

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    First of all I am Not a WUM nor a fanboy who will give a biased opinion because I am a Lewis Fan.

    Anyway the stats suggest OBVIOUSLY Alonso is better(on Titles of course) but Lewis came to Mclaren in 07 and Alonso Underestimated him therefore surprised and a bit embrassed when he thought to himself” Hes Quick and I have to use some teamorders to slow him down”

    I HONESTLY think that Hamilton outdrove Alonso in 07.Not because I am bias or anything but I am sure most people here will agree with me buut as always we will get people who are so single-minded.

    I don`t need to say anything about 08 as Lewis won the title and Alonso went back to a under performing Renault.

    But my question is Why did Alonso leave Mclaren to go to Renault?Was he afraid of Hamilton? or was it because of one of his sponsors choices? or was it time to part company with Mclaren?

    The answer will never fully be known until Alonso tells us honestly about this maybe when he retires.

    In 09 Hamilton had a DOG of a car.Three-wheeling,Front and Rear Locking in unison and of course very little downforce.

    Alonso however got much of the same as 08.Alonso did very well to get Hungary Pole and a podium at Singapore.

    Hamilton however as Mclaren improved he improved and he won in Hungary and in Singapore along with getting poles in Valencia, Italy, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

    In 10 I think something was missing from Lewis he didnt have the same pace and concentration as he did at the end of 09 for some reason.It took him until race 7 until race victory which tells it`s story when his new teammate Jenson won in race 2.

    However Alonso had moved to Ferrari and won the first race in Bahrain albeit to a spark plug on Vettels Car.The Ferrari was slightly quicker in this early stage than the Mclaren so It wasn`t really fair to compare them(Lewis and Fernando)

    Alonso said in Silverstone I will win this championship but he didnt but for me he has more mental confidence than Lewis because of this and overall in 2010 he was better than Lewis.

    But overall since 2007 when they were in equal equipment lewis has been better as they had equal equipment then and Lewis finished ahead in the championship therefore my opinion is that Lewis is better.

    But believe you me Fernando Alonso is one HECK of a driver and certainly the best at the moment on the grid as we head into 2011.





    Alonso left McLaren because his relationship with the team went sour.

    I think Alonso is the better driver in general, though there isn’t much between them. In 2007, they finished equal on points which was a fair reflection on how they matched up that year. I don’t believe Hamilton outright outdrove Alonso, there were times when Hamilton was faster, and times when Alonso was faster. I think they were even in 2007.

    It’s difficult to compare them in 2008 and 2009 as Hamilton had a better car during both seasons. I think Alonso was the better driver in 2008, Hamilton seemed to be more prone to mistakes, and he had some truly awful races, even though he became champion. I can’t make my mind up about who was better in 2009. I think the only question you can ask is could Hamilton have done what Alonso did in those two years with a Renault?

    In 2010, McLaren had a faster car (allegedly) than Ferrari yet Hamilton couldn’t beat Alonso in it. Hamilton had some great drives, but also some average drives. Alonso only seemed to be off the pace when he was angry. I think Alonso was better in 2010.

    Overall I think Alonso is the better driver, I think he is the total package. Hamilton is almost there though.

    Also just because some thinks differently to you doesn’t make them single-minded.



    Very difficult question, I have no doubt that in a few years Hamilton will probably be a better driver than Alonso, but at the moment I’d have to say Alonso is still a more complete and better driver.



    I think that it too close although I have a feeling that Alonso is a little bette.. I think that in 2007 they were equal but 2008 could have been different. Hamilton had to get used to F1 while Alonso had to adapt to the Mclarens behavior especially with the change in tires. The 2010 season kind of showed that Hamilton is a great overtaker but a bit to eager and that puts him in a postion of crashing, and locking up wheels. Alonso on the other side is really fast and consistant, a good overtaker but not a fair player when he feels like hes going to have a challenge. Overall I believe that the current lineup is so talented that it is really hard to say who is best. With drivers like Hamilton, Alonso, Kubica, Rosberg, and possibly Glock and Vettel its really tough to say who is best, and I struggle to put those drivers in an order I am satisfied with.



    I will go for Hamilton for two reason.

    1. How many controversies have Alonso gone through since 2007 in relative to Hamilton.

    2. Hamilton is more brave & exciting driver than Alonso.



    Im just surprised to see a Hamilton v Alonso thread without any childish posts in it haha

    I myself have never been much of a Hamilton fan but im not the type to say that driver x is better then driver y because i like x more then y. A great driver is a great driver no matter what my opinion of them is.

    With that being said and looking at the drivers solely by their driving, I think at the moment Alonso is the better of the two as a whole package. He has the speed, ability, experience, the knowledge and the knack for driving under pressure. At the moment, i see Hamilton as a great driver with great speed and ability but he lacks the experience of Alonso and he hasn’t got a great ability to deal with pressure. Once he matures as a driver and a person, he is still fairly young compared to Button/Massa/Alonso, he will be even better, but until then i will say Alonso.

    Something i’ve always wondered about is whether putting a talented rookie straight into a championship contending F1 car (a la Hamilton) is a good thing compared to putting a talented rookie into a backmarker/midpack contending car (a la Alonso). The way i see it, i think that a rookie can gain more experience starting with a slower team and working their way up the field. It gives them time to adjust to the style and intensity of the racing, they can learn to deal with pressure easier as things are generally a bit hectic in the midfield, lots of cars close to each other, the starts and opening laps etc…

    For me thats one of the main reasons why i think Alonso is the better overall driver, he knows what it’s like to be a backmarker, midfield and championship contender whereas Lewis is only really familiar with being a championship contender barring half of 2009.


    Nic Morley

    I’m going to go with Alonso, not that I like him or anything. Actually I really dislike the pair of them. Alonso seems to be a more all round driver, he’s quick, can overtake and make smart decisions. Hamilton is quick, can overtake but to me he seems to crack under pressure and not make the best decisions, don’t get me wrong though; I admire Hamilton in a little way with his overtakes.

    Just that last year, if hadn’t have crashed into Massa at Monza and got into a tangle with Webber at Singapore he would have been WDC. But then I guess Alonso and Webber could have been two if they didn;t make mistakes.

    But yeh even though I hate to admitt it, I think Alonso is the best driver in F1 currently, which obviously then would put him ahead of Hamilton. So that’s my opinion.



    (glances at avatar) Alonso



    This thread could have made for THE most childish string of insults either way…but moreso to Alonso! I belive Alsonso to be the better driver, but I think if he gave his attitude a break he would be unstopable! He’s in the right car with a team of a similar attitude to him. It does irritate me when you hear folk say hes a rubbish driver etc…he’s a double world champion and worthy of that! I also think he will be a triple champion in the coming years.


    Dan Thorn

    Alonso. He’s a more complete driver and is much better at handling the pressure. Lewis is particularly weak there – binned it at Monza after an average qualifying, slightly too aggressive against Mark at Singapore, frightened off the road by Alonso twice in two races at Korea and Brazil, and of course the infamous Brazil 2007 and the almost infamous Brazil 2008.

    Hamilton’s natural instinct is to give it everything, so when the situation calls for some calmness and maturity he doesn’t have much to fall back on. That could well change in the coming years however.

    Alonso meanwhile is the complete package, and his mistakes at the beginning of 2010 are likely to be a one off. Now that he’s settled in the team he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, and if Ferrari produce the quickest car then it’s pretty much game over.



    “frightened off the road by Alonso twice in two races at Korea and Brazil, “

    Arguably at Bahrain too where he did exactly the same and outbraked himself while racing a Ferrari (Lewis after the race admitted he thought it was Alonso and not Felipe he was racing).

    Anyway, what Dan said.



    I’m gonna try and remove all my bias in favour of Alonso, and give an honest opinion.

    Lewis is a slightly stronger qualifier, and a slightly more aggressive overtaker during races. Fernando on the other hand, is a slightly more composed racer, and soaks up the pressure a whole lot better than Hamilton does. Off the race track, Alonso has better team leader qualities than Lewis. When it comes to developing the car, and working with engineers and technicians to get the most out of the machinery, Alonso does a better job than Hamilton.

    Overall I would call it a tie.



    I think Hamilton has the slightly better raw speed but Alonso is better all round – I dont think Hamilton would have coped as well as Alosno did at Singapore under that pressure, plus Alonso has a Prost and Schumacher like extra capacity to read a race and make the right decisions.

    Opinions of them are skewed in both their home countries. In Spain, Alonso is a God and Hamilton is slated for everything, in Britian its the other way round. I dont know much about Hamiltons personality away from the track but one of my college lecturers used to work for Renault and he says Alonso is the nicest F1 driver hes ever met. Not that this has anything to do with their driving im just saying that some people judge them before they know what theyre really like.



    I’d say they are more or less same, only difference between them is Alonso’s experience. Lewis had really amazing rookie season (I honestly can’t remember anyone being so consistent in his first season), but he’s terrible under pressure – I kinda thought his 1st WDC would “relax” him a little, but looking at last season, it didn’t help much. Alonso on the other hand can’t stand being equal to his team mate – 2007. was the only season he had team mate that could match his skills, and we’ve all seen how things developed.

    And I guess that last thing is only thing that really separates them, while Alonso clearly must be nr. 1 driver in the team to perform, Lewis looks much better when he has competitive team mate (2007 and to some extent 2010 proved that). As far as racing skills goes, there’s very little that separates them.

    But it’s still too early for a definite judgment, in 10 to 15 years, when both of them retire we’ll have a bit clearer picture who was better.



    They’re both beyond amazing haha. In my opinion the best drivers on the grid, as for who’s better I’d say Alonso at the moment, he’s more of the complete package like others have said, Hamilton’s getting there though and in time could probably be better. I agree with what skodarap said about Lewis being better when he has a competitive team mate, seems to push him more and I think being team mates with Button will be good for him.

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