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    The new Jaguar C-X75 has a 1.6L revving to 10,000 RPM (turbo and super charged) , the new F1 engines for 2014 will sound similar to this:

    Also remember that the F1 engines will have another 5,000 RPM over that.

    However, Bernie Ecclestone wants to scrap 2014 engines because they don’t sound good, apparently.

    Ecclestone says new engines could be scrapped:



    Sounds very similar to 80’s turbo cars, and that’s on a dyno.
    The sound of an engine on a dyno tends to sound much weaker due to a bunch of factors. Take this video of a Cosworth V8 that was released the year prior to the introduction of V8s in F1. While the V8 doesn’t have as good a noise as the V10s, the engines sound better when they are bolted to a car, not a dyno.

    The Jag engine is also a production car engine, not a race engine, so it has to be much tamer.

    My wish, that I am certain won’t be fulfilled, is that the engines have a monstrous output once again. At the moment, the cars can handle much more power than they have. If F1 is meant to be a test of driver skill, they should be given engines which require the driver to be careful. I want to see corners like Eau Rouge and 130R not taken flat by the entire field. Hearing a driver go flat through corners where others don’t should be special.



    I think they’ll sound fine – as you say, they’ll rev higher than the 80s turbos ever did, or even the fabulous early-90s V12s. I believe the 2014 cars will have a single exhaust out the back, so that should sound better than any of the off-throttle blown flatulence. The turbo Indycars this year sound better than the old ones.
    Bernie is about 130 years old and has spent his life around race cars, so how much hearing does he have left? And that article was written by Christian S**t, who’s notorious for writing any old rubbish that Ecclestone tells him. Seems that he’d like to think he is Bernie’s pet journalist.

    Lots of great (and distinctive) engine sounds in the WEC Bahrain sportscar race that’s just getting under way!

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