Spa 2011 – Any tips?

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    Hi All,

    What a season!!! Already looking forward to March :)

    I was thinking of going to Spa next year and was wondering if anyone has any tips on travel/best seats/accommodation etc.

    I’ll be leaving from London and will be travelling on my own (which doesn’t bother me) and I don’t fancy camping.

    So if anyone has any hints, they would be greatly appreciated :)





    uhmm its quite easy to get a Ferry/Boat over to Belgium ive done it myself but not to see the grand prix.



    Hire the house at the top of Eau Rouge =)

    I’ve only ever been to Magny-Cours and Silverstone, France was very easy to get too and Belguim is not far away. Accommodation was great there but not sure about Spa.



    You could always try looking for hotels/hostels in Stavelot, although I suspect that they are booked out far in advance. I’m not too sure about going from there to the track in the morning but certainly after Qualifying on Saturday we could drive from our campsite at the track out there so I don’t see that being a problem :-)



    Thomas Cook Sport actually offers weekend packages if you are interested.


    I am looking into Spa or Silverstone myself for next year.



    Thanks everyone – i’ll look into those options :)



    sbl on tour

    take a brolly and some wet gear!



    I went in 2008 and 2009. Camping is the easiest option.

    The hotels nearby are usually rented out completely by teams and the others will cost you quite a bit!

    The ferry is easy and from London it wont take too long.

    It’s easy to get there just be careful not to get lost in Liege like we did!

    I’d advise going on the Thursday for the pit walk, always good banter in the Belgium pits :P

    If you’ve got any specific questions just ask!



    Also doing Spa myself with a couple of mates. We are thinking of travelling from up’t norf (where we live) and going by Eurostar to Brussels from St. Pancras then using the domestic train service to Verviers with a bus to Francorchamps. Personally I would rather not camp…but given you’re in the Ardennes…and we don’t have a car between us we may be forced to!



    Thanks Ratboy for the link…didn’t see that on the forum.

    TrueF1Grit & Andrew…..Thanks for the info..I’m presuming that if you’re camping that you’d need to bring all your own camping gear (which I don’t have!)



    More than likely KarenB. And bring something decent ‘cos we all know what the weather in south-eastern Belgium can get like!

    No doubt you could pick up a few bits when you’re there though. Like a sleeping bag/chair perhaps?



    The first year we took a 2 man tent and a few things in our car. There are places to eat there (By that I meant stands outside the track) But i wouldn’t bet on it being open all the time, we brought a small cooker and cooked our own stuff. The second year we booked into the elephant, lovely atmosphere, showers and toilets are very good for an F1 track and they run a shuttle bus to the track or a half an hour, twenty minute walk? We met a load of fellow F1 Fanatics there too, check here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/f1-2010-season/2010-f1-calendar/2010-belgian-grand-prix-discussion/ . Its a section of the f1 fanatic website! 899 reponses so i’m sure you’ll find the information you’ll need! If your not looking to camp have you looked at staying in Liege? Its not too far but the traffic will mean you’ll have to leave early and drive, and this depends on what tickets you get, how much your willing to spend and how eager you are. I didnt see any camping gear for sale around the track though :S You might need to get that before you go.

    Any more question’s just ask :)



    I am also hoping to do Spa next year

    what is a good accommodation recommendation besides camping? (I am not much of a camper)

    It is a bit of a pain to get there. I was thinking Eurostar or fly from London, then car hire from Brussels – is there another way of getting there?

    here is the F1Fanatic guide:


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