Spa ’98 Carnage – Onboard footage

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    Only just found this video today. Considering it is such a famous accident and that I’ve never seen any footage like this of it before, I figured it was thread worthy…


    Aish Heydrich

    You haven’t seen this? I saw this live on TV. Back at that time the start straight was on a different part of the circuit and there were formation laps. It was very foggy and visibility was the most vital issue. I think it was Coulthard’s McLaren which, due to visibility issue ran into the car in front or his right, even I can’t tell, and it happened in a very narrow part of the circuit with barriers on both sides. Within seconds about 8 to 10 cars got involved in a series of accidents, and there were debris all over the place.
    Only the first 3 or 4 drivers got away I think, benefits of starting from the front I suppose. I’ll look for a better video.


    Aish Heydrich

    Here it is..
    Quickly, before FOM sees this…


    No, I’m not talking about footage of the accident itself as I watched Spa 1998 live on the TV myself 15 years ago and have seen replays of it literally hundreds of times since.

    I’m talking about the actual onboard footage of the accident.



    Not that I am condoning violence but any means but I like the fact that Michael could storm anothers pits and crack it! It shows they care!! There is footage on You Tube where Senna grabs Schumacher on the throat in “a friendly manner” and says ‘never do that again’ (1992 maybe??). Some others not on the web is Mansell grabbing Senna at Spa in 1987 (took a few pit crew to get him off) or Senna hitting Eddie Irvine (not sure where, Hungury maybe??)

    My all time favourite?? Nelson Piquet at Germany (maybe 1981 or 82) doing a front kick that my 4 year old daughter would block- “Oh hey, I did I session of Ju Jitzsu!! in year 1”

    Found it- it was 1982- watch the kick LOL!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG6ZGWA_xiA
    Now day Massa would Twitter that Lewis touched him again at T4 and de-friend him on Facebook!!



    Amazing first video, never seen it from that angle. Onboard Jos Verstappen’s Steward Ford, he manages to avoid the debris.




    Back at that time the start straight was on a different part of the circuit

    No it wasn’t, it was where it is today.


    Aish Heydrich

    @ajokay: But wasn’t it curved back then, watch the second video I posted. These days it’s the long start finish straight, there’s no curve… I hope I’m able to explain.



    @aish Oh right, no, before the recent re-profiling of the Bus Stop and the new pit garages, the pit straight was curved. It was still in the same place though, between the Bus Stop and La Source. Not that had anything to do with the accident after La Source though.

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