Spa or Nurburgring 2011

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    Wanted to start planning next year GP, which do people think is the best? Nurburgring tickets seem cheaper.


    sbl on tour

    bout ye trigger, that was our dilema too for next year, after some soul searching we have decided on the ring, seems to a variety of prices on the stands but havnt decided on which one, have you any preferences? In my experince you get what you pay for mind!

    the sbl on tour did hockenheim this year and over the 4 days we had pretty good seats and did alot of things

    we are flying into frankfurt on the wed and hope to get a trip back down to either the speyer/sensheims museums (best museum we have ever been to), check on www and youll see what I mean




    Think we are going to opt for spa, seems to fall nicer in to everyones leave at work, plus there is a lot more info about spa than the nurburgring.



    Why not both ;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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