Spa or Suzuka

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    I’m saying Spa because the sense of atmosphere even on TV and the “Micro-climate”.

    Also its fun to drive Eau Rouge on F1 games


    Suzuka, because it’s in Japan.



    Spa every time for me. I’ve loved that track ever since I knew it existed. The weather, the corners (except for the silly, but probably necessary chicane), previous races that were so good, make it my favourite of the lot!

    Suzuka isn’t far behind though.


    @Spud I bet you’re looking forward to the next Collantine Cup race there then! Oh, wait… :P



    @magnificent-geoffrey I’ll be there for it!! I had to cancel what I had planned, so I will be at Spa. I tried to tell you the other day, but F1F went down for maintenance just when I pressed send, and then I didn’t feel like typing it up again. :P


    @Spud Oh! Excellent news!



    Definitely Spa for me, head and shoulders above anything else.



    Suzuka. I actually don’t like Spa that much and as about half way through the second sector I get bored. The best thing about it is the weather.



    Suzuka for me, it flows better than Spa.



    To watch on TV- Spa
    To race on a game- Spa. Suzuka is great, but I find it so difficult to string an entire great lap together it can be frustrating rather than fun quite often.


    James Brickles

    Tough one for me – They’re both very challenging very awesome circuits. I’m going to put these two head to head with corners that are similar to each other.

    Suzuka vs Spa

    Spoon – Rivage [Spoon is a completely unique corner but Rivage has become more challenging with a violent bump on entry. Spoon wins it for it’s uniqueness though.]

    Hairpin – La Source [The hairpin in Suzuka has a difficult entry which Kobayashi mastered in 2010.]

    130R – Blanchimont [Both awesome corners, particularly in the old days. Even though Blanchimont hasn’t been touched, 130R is still a bit more challenging]

    First corner – Eau Rouge-Raidillion [Both spectacular but it has to be Eau Rouge-Raidillion]

    Esses – Les Combes [Les Combes is a great overtaking zone but the Esses are just awesome to watch. However, if the Esses were against Les Fagnes, then I would’ve given the edge to Les Fagnes. It’s one of the most underrated corners on the F1 calendar in my view and I love watching F1 cars through there.]

    Casio Triangle – Bus Stop [Both have been altered over the years. I prefered the first version of the bus stop with the aggressive curbs on the second part but that’s long gone, so Casio triangle it is.]

    Degner – Pouhon [Degner is one of the last truly challenging corners left with high curbs, gravel traps and shortish run off zones. Pouhon lost that extra challenge when they replaced the gravel with tarmac.]

    Dunlop – The corner with no name [Is Dunlop part of the Esses or a corner on it’s own? Either way, the corner with no name would win it because like Les Fagnes, it’s an underrated corner and I like watching drivers tackle that corner with surprising difficulty.]

    Theoretically I should like Suzuka more but there’s something about Spa does something more for me. The races there seem to have more action, plus it has it’s own micro-climate which adds to it.



    S u z u k a ~~ ichiban man



    Spa. Best Circuit Ever.



    Spa, every day of the week. It’s the best circuit on the calendar, always has been, always will be (provided it actually IS on the calendar)!



    Thats a good point, as much as I would like a French GP back, I don’t want it to be at expense of Spa

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