Speed has been outbid for F1 coverage in the US

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    I guess there have been rumors for a while now that SPEED would be giving up its F1 coverage in the near future. Now it’s looking like they have been outbid by another network (possibly NBC):



    There are things I like about SPEED’s F1 coverage, and things I really hate about it. Personally, I’m inclined to think a change might be for the best.



    I think it will be… I have Speed on cable and normally I watch the races on Fox Latin America…

    The Speed broadcast is bad, and even when the Fox comentary team is not bad I hate having to watch that much ads…

    Hopefully Bernie took a deal with one of the 3 big networks: CBS, NBC o ABC…this will help to grow the popularity of F1 in US… NBC is trying hard to regain audience and even when they were widely criticized they did good with the Olympics this year breaking record in audience….



    Please let it be NBC, they do an excellent job (relative to other US networks) with IndyCar.



    Dear BBC, Get Buxton. Before Sky does.


    Obi-Spa Kenobi


    I hope wherever F1 lands they retain Varsha, Hobbs, Matchett and Buxton. The speed coverage is/was bad, but was never the fault of those guys. NBC (any major US network really) does shit coverage when it comes to world sports (just look at how the olympics was botched). Their Tour de France coverage is atrocious.

    I hope this can turn into something good, but I fear it will not.



    @obi-spa-kenobi Don’t get me started on their Tour coverage… The idiot commentators didn’t even know the names of some of the more important riders. How hard is it to say “Edvald” ?



    @bullfrog too right, would be a waste too let such a good commentator go



    @Obi-Spa Kenobi +1 I hope they retain the current broadcast crew for the most part, I’m anxious to see who the network is, but most importantly I hope they don’t muck it up. Watching the United States Grand Prix on SPEED instead of FOX this year will be opportunity wasted.



    An addendum is I hope the NBCSN deal isn’t as bad as Cindy’s is with them, I want to see Grand Prix on NBC






    As an American recent F1 fanatic without access to Sky, I’ve grown to like the Speed commentators. Hobbs might be showing his age and Bob and him can go off topic quite a bit. However imo they still offer good commentary and Matchett and Buxton’s enthusiasm for the sport is great. I really envy the uninterrupted broadcasts that you Sky subscribers get though!! ;)

    I hope NBC will do a decent job and keep the Speed commentators.



    Although I live in Canada, I watch the BBC’s coverage on TSN, so it doesn’t affect me much. But I record and watch Speed’s coverage of practice, and I’ve grown to like the commentators. If NBC takes over, hopefully they can broadcast more practice sessions. Personally I find their IndyCar commentators annoying; this year they were explaining defending your position.

    But in closing, it’s a move for the best because NBC is a bigger broadcast company that everyone has, and so it should increase exposure to F1 in the US, since there will be two races there



    Some further details about the planned NBC coverage. The plan is to show everything live (all sessions, including practice) on either NBC or NBCSN:




    I noticed this morning that the broadcast schedule for Melbourne is starting to show up on NBCSN’s website. It looks like FP1 will be recorded and shown in its entirety before the live broadcast of FP2. No sign of FP3, but qualifying is live and repeated in the early afternoon.

    I rarely watch NBCSN in the ‘off-season’, other than the occasional hockey game, but when I’ve had it on I haven’t seen any kind of advertising for F1. Has anybody else noticed anything?


    Delta Golf Sierra

    Their website certainly isn’t encouraging for those of us hoping for quality F1 coverage.

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