Starting to like Hamilton….

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    Never though I’d see the day I’d be cheering for Lewis, but it seems his personality has improved and his arrogance has disappeared.

    Since Vettel is running away from Webber I really hope Lewis can hunt him down…


    Nic Morley

    I was happy to see him pass Vettel and win in China. I was also hoping for him to pass Vettel in Spain. I like him a bit better now but he isn’t anywhere near one of my favourite drivers. I guess I’m cheering for him a bit as he seems like Vettel’s closest competitor; the championship standings dont lie. But I wish he would shave the stupid beard off and lose the ear rings… :P



    Loves his BLING ~



    “it seems his personality has improved and his arrogance has disappeared”

    I think although you may be right in the sense that he comes across as a little less arrogant, I would say the use of the word disappeared is rather too far. He is still very arrogant, comparing himself to Senna just a few weeks/months ago. (personally I think there was much about senna that you would not want to be compared to but hey…)

    Its probably just a result of growing up a little and having to really fight to win for the last few years, which in my mind will make him a better driver in the long term without doubt. Personally I have never thought much of his attitude or personality, but I have always enjoyed watching him drive. He does seem to think he is a bit gangsta…which is a shame.



    I personally never had a problem with his arrogance, (maybe because i am the same haha) but its like a job description, to think your the best, he is probably just more vocal about it. But he is driving so much better than before IMO and like you say he seems to be the only real threat to Vettel right now. Its not that I don’t want Vettel to win, just that I want to watch the competition.



    I’ve never been a fan of Hamilton off track. Always thought he was way too full of himself, and incredibly disrespectful to his team when things aren’t going perfectly. His PR friendly, and role model image annoys me as well.

    But.. I have nothing but respect for him on track. A phenomenal racer and great competitor.


    Dan Thorn

    What Todfod said.



    I started to like Massa after the 2007 Brazilian GP. At the 2008 Brazilian GP I obviously supported him, and Lewis winning the championship at the last turn really made me hate him. I knew he was a great driver, but he had defeated my hero. In 2009 I was obviously against him, if I had to put all the drivers in order of appreciation he’d have been in the last places. But since 2010, when I entered more into detail of Formula 1, off-track and drivers’ history, I increasingly liked him for being perfect on track, fast and reliable, up to the point where I wanted him to win yesterday’s GP.

    When I think back to the 2008 Brazilain GP I always hate him for taking the title of Massa, but as a driver he did the right thing and he deserved a title. For the same incident I was against Glock, but he has never done anything to make him appear a better racer in my eyes.



    I don’t mind arrogance (or confidence) from the drivers if they can back it up.



    Always liked him, apologised for his cheating in Australia unlike Alonso last year. The thing I most like about him is he still has that childish enthusiasm for F1.



    I had a slow turn around last year with Lewis, I really didnt like him before last season. I was even an admin on the facebook page ‘100% anti Lewis Hamilton’ I feel he matured especially with a bad car and is much more likeable. Also great to see him and Button working soo well together. Needless to say I’m not a member of the group anymore :) GO MCLAREN!!!


    sbl on tour

    well , he has still along way to go match button



    Never hated him, quite the opposite infact due to him being British and my unashamed bias towards GB drivers. Lots of top sportsman, be them drivers, footballers or whatever, are arrogant. Senna? Vettel? (id say that finger explains it all). Schuey? C.Ronaldo, Thierry Henry? All arrogant to a large degree. But they all have the talent to back it up and all are loved/hated by people and all wonderfull to haved watched/to watch on TV.

    I do think we’ve seen a clear change to Lewis and I think a large part is an influence either directly or indirectly as a result of Button joining the team with his more laidback approach. Of all the drivers on the grid, its Jenson that i find myself most pleasing to listen to when interviewed and just seems such a decent bloke to have around. So, thats my feeling on why Lewis has changed somewhat.



    S.J.M: I dont think Button is that different from Kovy, who seems to remain good friends with Hamilton.

    I agree with what Todfod says, although I have found his off-track personality easier to live with recently, probably because he’s not really been under pressure for the last couple of years (when he is he tends to get very defensive).

    As someone mentioned above, I’m not a big fan of the whole gangsta thing, and his tweets made my eyes bleed, but at least he tries hard to be normal when he’s doing interviews.



    What Todfod said. I have a lot of respect for his talent but he’s just not my cup of tea

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