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    I’m having thoughts about starts in races. What does it depend on, taking driver skill, the functionality of the clutch, and the side of the grid out of the equation? It does seem a bit random to be honest…

    Take Kubica for example – in Bahrain, Australia and Malaysia this year he’s had amazing starts. In the first, he made up a place at turn 1, in Australia he would have made up a place even without the mess at turn 1, and in Malaysia he’s made up two places jumping from sixth to fourth.

    In China, Spain and Monaco he all of a sudden lost positions at the start, and in Turkey and Canada he did not have the best of starts either, although he did not lose positions. In Valencia, however, he had a better start again, without gaining anything, though.

    My question is how that can be? How come Kubica, and Renault in general, made brilliant starts at the beginning of the season, and then all of a sudden lost positions at the start? The dirty side of the grid was an issue sometimes, such as at Monaco or Canada, but that is not enough of an excuse, really. They hardly forgot how to start either…

    Kubica talked about little mechanical tweaks for Valencia to ‘get off the line better’. Can it be that the second gearbox Renault used on Kubica’s car had a slight issue? Kubica did complain about the clutch, and hence gearbox, that was used in Spain and Monaco. Due to the 4-races rule it was also used in Spain and Turkey, which may explain his better start in Valencia.

    I picked Kubica, because I find his situation peculiar. Also he is the only driver whose starts I remember; I am biased :).

    Anyone got any idea?



    renault have traditionally always had an excellent launch. So it isnt that much of a suprise.

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