Stewards’ Decisions

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    I’ve just read a tweet from DC stating that they’re still waiting for a decision on Nico Rosberg’s shenanigans in today’s race. This is more than 6 hours after the chequered flag dropped. What on earth are the stewards playing at?

    IndyCar and NASCAR seem to have their penalty systems running much more smoothly. During the race an incident can be investigated, the drivers and teams can have their input straight away, and then a decision is taken.

    At the last IndyCar race an incident occurred on the last lap, and the penalty was handed down less than two minutes later. Even more impressively the live timing screens were updated there and then, so the effect of the 30-second penalty was clear for all to see as soon as the decision was made.

    These high-speed decisions don’t seem to result in any more mistakes or ludicrous decisions than have happened if F1 over the years.

    F1 could learn a lot from the American series.



    There was no action taken. It was done hours ago.



    OK, so it seems that the decisions were released at 18:00 UK time. That’s 3 hours after the end of the race, plus the race time after the actual incidents. My point still stands.


    Keith Collantine
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