Stewards Inquiry with Guess Who

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    Since i expected the stewards to get involved with what happened with hamilton and massa in the last lap, (not attacking the stewards, i thought they were reasonable today, and unlike all the people i watch F1 with, i got why they gave stop and go penalties) (also im not getting at hamilton for dangerous driving, i think it was a racing incident, and great to watch, i just think the stewards would have looked into it) i was just wondering if anything had happened?



    Lewis used the credit on his platinum card, which lead to the stewards taking no further action.



    Lewis used dangerous driving throughout the race, weaving in front of Vettel when was about to get passed, for at least two times and then throwing Massa of the road when he was about to be passed (you can actually see him turning his steering wheel towards Massa, quite evidently, through that last corner, which reminded me Alguersuari turning into Kobayashi in Japan last year, the second time he was passed by him). It was damn thrilling racing though.

    I’m just fighting to understand the stewards criteria. It looks like they only give penaltys whenever an accident is caused (to Lewis for weaving to Alonso in Malaysia), not caring when its done without carnage.

    But that doesn’t seem to be it, also. Schumacher was given a penalty for not being able to stop the car in time in order to avoid Kobayashi, yet Button put Alonso out in Canada, the first was given 10 seconds (!?? I thought they were only giving drive throughs this season) and the second was allowed to go on to win the race.

    Really struggling to understand what the hell they are doing. They only seem to be sending mixed signals.



    The penalties today were stop and go because the new pit lane is short and cuts some corners. Therefore a normal drive through penalty would not be an adaquate penalty.

    Not a Hamilton fan, and I think it was borderline, but an ok move. It didn’t push Massa off track, he went off himself later. Also Hamilton didnt steer into Massa. After they made contact he put opposite lock on to straighten the car out and avoid losing the back end. I think Massa did the same. It’s the same as correcting oversteer, not Hamilton deliberately trying to aim the car at Massa.

    The weaving was borderline rules I reckon. But to be fair, all great F1 drivers run fine to those borderlines, as do good teams – it’s how the sport works.



    Still seems that stop and go + 10 seconds in Silverstone was more expensive than drive through in other tracks. Maybe just “Stop and Go” without time would have been fairer.

    The point is making contact: that was Hamilton’s doing. And Massa went off later, because of that contact.

    Yeah, they all run fine those borderlines: only Hamilton seems to run finer, to go over the bondaries on that particular rule. Because he turns harsh to defend the first time and then turns harsh again to take the line to make the corner (two times). Whenever we saw Schumacher trying to defend a similar situation he would turn very very slightly, almost dancing, so that he was entitled to turn to take the line at the end of the straight. The result? He was passed whenever the guy behind had a reasonable speed advantage or would dummy him. Hamilton couldn’t be passed today, and Vettel had that speed advantage



    absolute joke. schumacher gets a 10 second stop and go penalty (when was the last time they gave one of them out?) for his collision, when it was wet, and you clearly see him turn away and break. Hamilton clearlllyyy was passed and hung onto Massa just like in Monaco. Also with Vettel like has been said. The only reason he didnt get a penalty was because he’s British at the British GP. those incidents along with Webber being told not to attack Vettel was a joke.


    Dan Thorn

    I really don’t see why people think Lewis should be punished for his dice with Massa, it was just good, hard racing. Even Domenicalli and Massa himself have said it was absolutely fine!

    And the Stop-Go penalites were given because the pit lane is a much faster route than the race track and a drive through would therefore give almost no penalty. Ok so it seemed to be an overly heavy punishment, but it was the same for everyone.



    I just don’t understand the criteria they adopt. I thought I had, in Monaco. But since Canada, I’m struggling to understand.



    Sorry dont agree first off what about the unsafe release and schumacher was a racing incident nothing more ok if you are going to penalize people do it after the race simply add 10 seconds on



    I prefer a policy of self-regulation. If you get a driver who weaves and hits people, then they’re going to do it to them too. Only if we get a clearly dangerous situation, like the unsafe releases or pushing people into walls, should there be action.

    Again though I’m left asking, what happened to not pushing people off the track? If we’re going to have these rules at all, why aren’t they being implemented? Massa himself was a clear case of that, when Button tried to go around the outside.



    Hmmm…interesting the Massa/Hamilton incident. Basing the incident on the previous judgements that have been made this year by the race stewards I would have expected a post race time penalty for Hamilton, perhaps a ‘causing an avoidable collision’ penalty for the contact in the final chicane, after all Massa did brake MILES later than Hamilton and still made the corner while giving him room and Hamilton did pretty much use the Ferrari to get the car turned. However, the racing fan in me says it was a genuine racing incident and I have to say I am so pleased about Ferrari and Massa’s views on the matter.

    Unfortunately I have a different view of the Schumacher incident, to the point that I also felt it was a racing incident and there shouldn’t have been a penalty applied. It was a shame that the producers kept showing the super slowmo of the incident which makes it look much worse than it actually was watching the full speed onboard from MSC’s car. Also, If Di Resta wasn’t punished, the why the hell was MSC? No Nigel that was not an acceptable explanation that you gave in the forum!

    Is it strange that these penalties always seem to be handed out to MSC when there is a British drivers representative on the panel?

    Crikey, I am coming dangerously close to using the ‘B’ word that seems to be so feared on the forum at present!! ;)

    Ho Hum, great race though!!



    I think it was hard and fair racing between Lewis and Massa. And honestly, if Lewis had spun Massa around with the initial contact it would have been an incident worth investigating, but as it turned out, it looked pretty fair to me. Lewis’ style is a little dangerous at times though, and from Vettel’s onboard shot we can clearly see Hamilton weaving in front of him, but I guess Lewis has taken enough flak this season already, so since there wasn’t any serious race ending incidents for any of Lewis’ competitors today, I guess its ok to let things remain the way they are.



    totally in agreement, Asanator: they are not using the same criteria; from within different races of the season and even within the same race.

    I want to think there’s no more grudge for a war that ended 65 years ago, there were enough paybacks at the end, like Dresden.

    And I would like to think that after everything he did for motorsport, Schumacher would be respected, and not holded in contempt by the British drivers. But there has to be a reason for all these “mistakes” on penaltys

    Monaco last year was shameful by the way. [Damon Hill was the steward]



    So today is about race ending incidents, right Todfod? In Canada, when Button ended Alonso race was about what?



    Lets face it LL Jehto. Stewards decisions do not have any hard and fast rules, if they did have hard and fast rules…. well.. we wouldn’t really require stewards would we? They do assess the outcome of a situation while handing out penalties, and although that might not always be by the book, it sometimes requires a little humane justice to resolve a situation. And you are always going to have upset fans who say that you need to play it by the book when things dont go their way, as well as fans who are happy with a more pragmatic approach.

    I really do not know what you are trying to prove by mentioning Button’s incident in Canada.

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