”Stupid” places to hold a Grand Prix

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    And what “True Fact” would that be? You’re making a borderline accusation of racism with no basis in fact. Trolololol.



    Well, it depends on whether or not it seems racist to you. We are entitled to our own opinions. Just because somebody says that it is/isn’t racism doesn’t mean that he/she is trolling. That’s possible, scientifically, but if one sees it as racism and someone else doesn’t and both state their opinion…..then neither of them are trolling.

    Anyway, to not go off-topic, I’ll give a few more entries:
    – Aintree
    – Mount Everest
    – …..Chernobyl



    An opinion is one thing. he’s stating it as a “true fact”, and literally entered this thread to accuse us all of being racists. thats trolling.



    Let’s say that it is in his opinion that it is a “true fact”.

    That’s just my assumption, though. If what he’s stating actually isn’t what he’s thinking, that’s trolling, but how will we ever know? By feeling? Well…….sometimes – just not always (but yeah, the accuracy of one’s feeling is certainly >0%, just <100%).




Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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