successful british driver at Silverstone

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    Jenson Button for the win!




    Something smells very nasty about this race.

    1. The FIA decide to change regs during the race weekend yet their own RULES state this can only happen for SAFETY reasons.

    2. The changes hert almost every team EXCEPT Farrari.

    3. Sebs wheelnut have problems closely followed by Jenson being sent out without 1.

    4. as soon as Alonso takes lead the ENGLISH comontators cheer rather than be unhappy at not a single Englishman on the podium.

    What is happening to British Motorsport???

    I wonder if the FIA were paid off to do this?



    What’s happening to British motorpsort? They have won two back-to-back titles in 2008 and 2009 with two different drivers, now there is a third British that has very good perspectives for the future. A British team won the constructor’s title in 2009.

    1. The FIA banned Ferrari’s Spanish rear wing, yet that wasn’t for safety.

    2. It’s not true the changes are in favour of Ferrari: they also used the OTBD. There are other teams that didn’t, like Sauber, and Ferrari have agreed with Red Bull that if it was up to them they’d return to the pre-Silverstone regulations.

    3. Vettel is not British and has nothing to do with the rest of the points; Ferrari have had similar problems this year, with Massa. Button’s race-ending mistake was a very bad one but surely it wasn’t done on purpose.

    4. Alonso did not take the lead off any British and it was Webber, when he overtook Hamilton, that made all Englishmen end below the podium positions.



    4. as soon as Alonso takes lead the ENGLISH comontators cheer rather than be unhappy at not a single Englishman on the podium.

    Yet if they were so disappointed, I can see a mob of posters screaming “BIAS!” at the top of their lungs. The BBC can’t win.



    Well said David A ^^



    This is not the first time that the FIA ( led by an ex-ferrari chief) has made decisions that favour the reds. I haven’t seen the post race analysis, but i fuind it difficult to believe that Ferrari will agree to go back to Valencia spec.



    The thing is, whenever rules are changed it’s inevitable that some teams will benefit and some will suffer, I find it rediculous that just because Ferrari don’t seem to have been hurt as much as Red Bull, you think that there is some ‘funny business’ going on. If it wasn’t Ferrari that have benefitted would you be making such statements? I don’t think so somehow.



    it’s called a “conspiracy theory“, f1alex. They even have an alternate meaning for the FIA acronym. So sweet.

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