Suggestions for must watch GP from the past for newbies?

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    Hi guys,

    Please excuse the newb, but I started watching F1 recently so I haven’t had a lot of exposure to F1 from the past. After watching the Senna movie in theaters and other Senna tribute videos online, it made me want to go back and catch up on some of the must watch F1 races.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for must watch Senna races from the past? Figured I’ll start off with Senna and branch out from there…Any recommendations would be appreciated.



    Prisoner Monkeys

    Donington 1993 will be the first, last and only suggestion from most people. So we’ll get that one out of the way first. Suzuka 2005 will also be a popular recommendation, as will Brazil 2008. Canada 2010, if you haven’t seen it already.



    Thanks for the suggestions Prisoner Monkeys.

    Forgot to mention that I watched Monaco 1988 and Donington 1993 after seeing the two referenced somewhere else.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, Suzuka 2005 is good for what Kimi Raikkonen does.

    Brazil 2008 is good because it’s a championship-deciding race that goes right down to the wire.

    Canada 2010 is good because it was one of the most unpredictable races on record.

    They’re the big ones. And if you can get your hands on the 1982 season review (you can see excerpts on YouTube), do so. The racing may not be particularly close, but the commentary by Clive James is hilarious.

    On the other hand, I would stay away from Australia 1998, Austria 2002, and Germany 2010, because all of those races involved the use of team orders (where the team tells two drivers to swap positions). And whatever you do, stay away from the 2005 United States Grand Prix. It was an absolute embarrassment; only six cars raced because of unsafe tyres.



    Suzuka 2005 is definitely exciting.

    Monaco 1992, Silverstone 1987

    There are a lot of great races available on the bbc website if you are a brit, they require a bit of searching, but each race weekend the BBC have a selection of great races from the same track. They are hidden away a bit since there havent been any races recently, but take a look there!



    1998. Spa. And bring an umbrella.


    Dan Thorn

    Hungary 2006. Best race of the millenium IMO.

    Watch the final few laps of 1979 French GP (the rest is a little dull). Awesome stuff by Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux.

    Monaco 1996 is a personal favourite of mine for the sheer craziness. Brazil 2003 is similarly crazy.



    Monaco 1984

    Youtube Alesi and Senna at Pheonix as it was only a little scrap and most of the race was dull

    Brazil 1991

    I’ve always liked Mexico 1990

    Monaco 2008

    Brazil 2003, 06, 07, 08 and 09

    Hungary 2006 (I rate Alonso’s performance and especially first lap as better than Ayrton’s Donnington drive)

    Imola 05 esp and 06.

    Any Canada race is usually good.

    Japan 07 (exciting race and Massa and Kubica have arguably one of the best battles ever)



    Last few laps of Monaco 1982 :D “We’ve got this ridiculous situation of waiting for a winner to come round and we don’t seem to be getting one”



    Europe 07,08

    Brazil 03,06,07,08,09

    Canada always been some action.

    Belgium 08

    & as said by many F1F there are many races to see for you. sorry couldn’t name all.


    Dan Thorn

    Thanks for saying that comment about Hungary ’06 Steph – I was going to say it too but I fear the wrath of other people too much so I didn’t say it!

    The 1999 European GP is another great one. So many people could have won it, it’ll keep you guessing to the end!



    It’s ok Dan I swear Keith once said it so we can hide behind him! :P



    I can’t believe no one make reference to one of the best imo, I wanted Schumacher to loose but after that race I had no arguments, Schumacher was the best:

    Europe 1995 !!!

    It depends of what you are looking for.

    Crazy races:

    – Hungary 2006

    – Brazil 2003

    – Europe 1999

    – France 1999

    – Belgium 1998

    – France 1997 (boring in the first 70 laps, crazy in the last 2)

    – Monaco 1996

    – Monaco 1992

    Coming Back races:

    – Japan 2005

    – Spain 1997

    – Mexico 1990

    – Portugal 1984

    – USA West 1983

    Tactical races:

    – Japan 1997

    – Hungary 1998

    – San Marino 1999

    – Malaysia 1999

    Title battle races:

    – Portugal 1984

    – Australia 1986

    – Japan 1988

    – Japan 1989

    – Australia 1994

    – Europe 1997

    – Japan 2003

    – Brasil 2008



    I forgot some groups

    Overwhelming performances:

    – Portugal 1985

    – Donington 1993

    – Spain 1996

    – Belgium 1997


    – South Africa 1978

    – Austria 1982

    – Spain 1986

    – Monaco 1988

    – Germany 1993

    – Italy 1995

    – Hungary 2008




    Europe 07,08

    You can’t be serious about ’08, can you? That was one of the only races I’ve nearly fallen asleep whilst watching!

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