Sutil to Ferrari?

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    This is the first I heard of it…

    From F1.com official season preview:

    “Adrian Sutil stays for another year, after plans to have him replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari fell apart in the aftermath of last years team orders argument.”


    On the whole it’s an opinionated article (very unusual on f1.com). But I think the author is maybe a little too opinionated and a little too uninformed…



    I would have never guessed that Sutil was in talks with Ferrari. Its hard to say whether this is true or not, either ways, I actually think Sutil would do a good job at Ferrari. Whether he will do a better job than Massa, I guess we will have to wait till the end of the 2011 season to say ‘for sure’ :). But based on Sutil’s last year performance vs Massa’s performance.. I would say Sutil is more deserving of that Ferrari seat.


    Dan Thorn

    Don’t see why they’d want to have Sutil instead of Massa – they’re a similar type of driver, but Sutil is a slightly less good version.



    I think he would probably fit in well at Ferrari, it would probably keep Alonso happy at least.



    I think Alonso seems pretty happy with Massa as a teammate as well.



    Slightly less Dan???

    If Sutil had gone to Ferrari I think I’d stop supporting them just because I’d have thought they had lost their marbles. Ferrari can snap their fingers and have almost any driver just like Mclaren and RBR so why on earth should they just settle for Sutil? Sutil can be good but if there’s any driver in a midfield team that can perhaps be given a better drive then it’s Rosberg or Kubica.

    Ok Massa had a terrible year last year but I couldn’t see Sutil getting any closer to Fernando or replicating Felipe’s 06-09 form.

    I’m really surprised at the article. It’s F1.com so I believe it but I really don’t understand why Ferrari and Massa signed a new deal at Turkey that year if before Germany they were planning to replace him.



    Sounds all a bit dodgy to me. Until either team responds to it (if they do) i’m going to take it with a pinch of salt.

    Can’t understand why they would want Sutil…last year they had Massa right where they wanted him.



    I don’t think Felipe was anywhere near Ferrari wanted him to be last year. They would have been at least second in the constructors championship. At least.


    Dan Thorn

    Sorry Steph, I was being far too generous to Sutil there!


    Keith Collantine

    A very peculiar article with some questionable claims. It’s un-bylined, so there’s little way of telling whether the person who wrote it knows what they’re talking about.



    That’s ok Dan I forgive you :P



    That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever read on Formula1.com… And why would the plan to have him replace Massa fall through after the team orders scandal? It makes it sound as if that was the deciding factor in Sutil’s movements.



    I did see this rumour briefly on Twitter last year, possibly by Legard?

    I think it was probably more to do with putting pressure on Massa rather than anything else, like the Webber rumours (and Webber said as much publicly).

    Also, as I’ve said on the main site, I think Massa’s performances in 2010 were quite underrated, they weren’t as bad as many people perceive.



    I guess it could be damon if Sutil thinks at some point he would have to be number 2 driver and potentially lose race wins.

    That’s of course providing any of this is true.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    On the whole it’s an opinionated article (very unusual on f1.com). But I think the author is maybe a little too opinionated and a little too uninformed…

    I saw this come up on another forum. A lot of people suspect it was written by Joe Saward for the way the article is critical of Renault for taking Heidfeld over Liuzzi:

    That said, the German is a safe pair of hands, but one cant help wonder whether the team would have been better off with Vitantonio Liuzzi, whom Kubica recommended.

    It would not surprise me if this was true. Which is unfortunate, because I thought Saward learned his lesson when he ran that article highly critical of Force India for dropping Liuzzi and implying that other drivers would support him in order to protect their own contracts from being bought out (but they never did it to Raikkonen). Basically, he let his own opinions start to shape his facts. Which is a big no-no in journalism.

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