Sutil vs Di Resta – round 2

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    With Sutil reentering the fray at Force India, we’ll see him re-paired with Di Resta. The last time they were teammates in 2011;
    – Sutil scored 42 points to Di Resta’s 27
    – Both had a best finish of P6 – Sutil in Nurburgring and Brazil, Di Resta in Singapore
    – Sutil had 9 points finishes to Di Resta’s 8
    – The qualifying battle stands at 10-9, with Sutil edging Di Resta out by one
    – in the 16 races where both finished the race, Sutil finished ahead 10 times, Di Resta 6 times
    – in the 1041 laps where they both completed, Sutil finished 562 of them ahead (Di Resta, 479)

    So now with Sutil having had a non-racing year, and Di Resta now with 2 year’s worth of experience, how do you think they’ll fare?



    Di Resta will have the advantage this time around, for your exact reasoning.

    Now with Sutil having had a non-racing year, and Di Resta now with 2 year’s worth of experience.



    Sutil will dominate him, more than in 2011. minimum 60% of laps ahead, at least 13-6 in qualifying and the same or more points ahead at the end of the year – 15.
    This will end Di Resta’s F1 career.



    Interesting you’d think that.

    Nonetheless, even if Sutil does beat Di Resta, worry not. Have faith in the BBC and their broadcast to make it appear as if Paul di Resta is doing his usual, stellar, perfect job; beating his teammate thoroughly; and will be joining a top team next season.



    I think it’ll be di Resta, but only just.



    We need a poll for this.



    @plutoniumhunter Keith published an article last year where we voted on who’ll win the team-mate battles – probably this year as well.




    @enigma – Yup, I remember those! Btw, I think it will be closer than expected between Sutil and PDR!



    Sutil v Di Resta 2 – Sutil Harder!



    In my opinion, if Sutil does better than DiResta, DiResta is done. I don’t think it will do much for Sutil though even if he beats DiResta convincingly.

    If they score about the same within 20%-30%, they are both done.

    DiResta really needs to do better than Sutil. I would say DiResta needs at least 30%-50% more points with an extraordinary result P1 or P2 to convincingly beat Sutil and launch his F1 career.

    Either way I feel this is the last meaningful shot for DiResta to have a shot at a better team.


    Alex green

    i hope di resta pummels him being a fellow scot but im interestred in how sutil will react to hamilton as theres bad blood after the nightclub fracas



    I expect Sutil to crush Di Resta, really – though Paul will still try to spin it as though he beat Hulkenberg (as he recently said in an interview that “Nico and I both lead races – Nico in Brazil, myself in Bahrain” – although Nico lead on pace in Brazil for 30-odd laps, while Paul lead for 1 lap in Bahrain as he was running to his own 2-stop strategy as opposed to the others, on 3-stop



    I remember that interview! It was on Autosport, wasn’t it? I am usually among the last to criticize a driver for his comments with the press, and believe that PR should be stressed less; but that was a very cheap way of di Resta to diminish the fact that Hulkenberg beat him.

    Furthermore, of what I’ve seen from both Sutil and di Resta; I’d say that di Resta is probably a slightly better qualifier, but Sutil has superior race craft, and excels a lot more in difficult wet conditions.

    Nevertheless, even if Adrian does beat Paul again — I do expect him to once again abate the fact that his teammate is doing a better job than him; while pointing out the old record (at least two or three times per year) that he beat Vettel in Euro-Series, 7 years ago.



    It may well have been, @kingshark – I don’t really remember. But he was basically saying how he and Hulkenberg were evenly matched the whole year.



    Sutil vs Di Resta 2: Electric Boogaloo

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