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    This doesn’t have anything to do with glassgate it’s solely about Adrian’s F1 performances. Sutil’s doing pretty dismal compared to his rookie team mate (who has been stuck in DTM I might add) so do you think FI should give him the boot for Hulkenberg at the end of the season?

    Obviously it’s still early days and things could turn around but it isn’t looking good. I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve never been a fan so feel free to ignore any comments I make :P Are you disappointed by his season so far? It wasn’t so long ago that fans were crying out for him to get a better drive.



    I think it’s closer between Sutil and Di Resta than some believe. If Di Resta is ahead, it’s usually not by much and vice versa, but I think people expected Sutil to be clearly better than Di Resta. I’ve never rated Sutil that highly, one weekend he is quick, the next weekend he shows you why he’s not racing for a top team.



    Sutil’s season is fast going the way of Liuzzi’s last year.

    My heart says he needs better machinery to prove himself but my head says he’s not up to scratch. Despite what I sometimes say I don’t revel in seeing F1 drivers going down the drain and Sutil came with much promise. Even though he’s not doing well he’s not the worst driver out there. But I feel maybe now’s the time to move to something else, like IndyCar because F1 is not suiting him.




    LOL that’s great!



    Sutil never really had any good team-mates to compete against but now that he’s experiencd and more footed at FI he really needs to be beating DiResta when he does which is rarely its only by a few tenths.

    added to the “glassgate” he’s not making it easy for any other team to pick him up.

    He may of been unlucky in a few races, being harpooned by Kimi is one, but people remember the badder races first, like Korea last year


    Ned Flanders

    I’ve always rated Sutil quite highly. Failing to comprehensively outperform Fishcella was a blotch on his CV, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now, though, it would seem he’s finally being found out.

    I think we shouldn’t underestimate Paul di Resta though. It’s still early days but he seems like one of the best rookies to come into F1 for a few years, and he’s hardly inexperienced considering all the winter testing and Friday practice sessions he’s done with FI. Also, it’s been fairly close between the two, and Sutil has had the best finish of the pair lest we forget.

    Of course, there’s much more to this than mere driving talent. Force India are hardly loaded. Sutil brings money, so Force India might now want to sack him if it’ll cost them any sponsorship deals. Then again, Hulkenberg is way too good for a test driver role… maybe that will sway it



    I have never rated Sutil in the 5 or so years that he’s been around. I thought Hulkenberg did a good job last season, and if it weren’t for economics, he’d still have a drive. For me, it’s obvious- swap Sutil for Hulkenberg.



    I’ll admit I’m not the biggest Sutil fan, but I am a bit of a fan of Hulkenburg but I’m not sure replacing Sutil with hulk would be a good idea. Sutil’s sponsors have been brought up but we should also remember that Hulk only has one year of experience. I don’t think its a good idea relying on two drivers with only a year of experience each to get setup and testing sorted.



    Based on last year’s performances I’d say there isn’t much to choose between them, if you discount the pole in Brazil I think I’m right in saying Hulk was beaten by Rubens generally, albeit in his rookie year.

    It’s quite possible that Di Resta is better than we give him credit for, his record in lower formula isn’t so different from Hulk’s, who was tipped as the next Lewis Hamilton.


    sbl on tour

    funny that sutil seems to be going the way of liuzzi, maybe theres some strange behind the scenes goings on at force india

    but saying that I would still replace him with the hulk, (shame on you frank)



    Sutil is with the team for a long time & have done good job,he may be struggling a bit right now but I would love to see Hulkenberg in a race or two this season.



    I thought Sutil looked really promising in his first seasons in F1, he was fairly impressive in what was then a Spyker (I still am fairly convinced to this day that Sutil is in actual fact Dutch not German as a result…), and he had some promising runs in a Force India notably Monaco and (China?) another place where he was running strongly before feeling the force of the Raikkonen Ram.

    However he’s not really shone the last couple of seasons and while Di Resta has plenty of experience behind him for a rookie, they have been pretty evenly matched. Also his German passport doesn’t really help when looking for a drive currently…



    The fact that Sutil is being beaten by Di Resta shows just how bad Liuzzi was (Sorry Joe Saward)

    I think Sutil is a good driver but not a great one, he seemed to have a lot of raw speed but unlike people like Vettel and Hamilton he never seemed to learn from his errors.

    I think Hulkenberg deserves a race seat but whether it should be in place of Sutil I’m not sure. There’s a lot of other drivers who are hogging the seats like Barrichello and Trulli that should really move over to let young talent in.



    …and Schumacher?

    Schumi to retire, DiResta to Merc, Sutil/Hulk at FI? I’d rather see Sutil go than Schumi though.



    There’s a lot of other drivers who are hogging the seats like Barrichello and Trulli that should really move over to let young talent in.

    Well, why don’t we make forced retirement at 25? Then nobody will hog seats anymore. Apparentely, supposedly “young talent” is just not good enough to earn their spots. It’s simple, if you are good enough you get a seat, paydriver or not. If Hlkenberg would have been better than Barrichello, he would have his seat. Therefore claiming that Barrichello is hogging a seat that would be better for a young driver is just stupid.

    Now Trulli on the other hand…

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