Suzi Perry referring to Q3 as Q1…

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    After saying Jenson wasn’t sure if he’d make Q1 (I should hope so, the car’s not that bad!) she handed over to the commentary box with “Here we are then, your Q1 shootout” Please! After 4 races now she should know these things, Jake wasn’t perfect but i’m sure he never made such basic mistakes. She really needs to up her game, it’s painful to watch.



    I’ve read this five times and I still don’t quite understand what the mistake was and why it deservers its own thread


    Force Maikel

    If that was the only mistake she made today then she definitely did a good job. That part with Bernie was awkward though.



    That is what happens when you try and interview Bernie.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    She also said GP2 riders, and then corrected herself with drivers. I think she still loves a bit of Moto GP haha



    I used to make the same mistake till a few years ago.. then again, I’m not a correspondent..



    I dont understand how someone can make a thread on a small mistake by an interviewer.

    Heres an idea…maybe you should watch star sports coverage.. Steve Slater deserves his own website dedicated to his constant blunders.


    I made the exact same mistake yesterday myself. Easily done.



    Even drivers have made that mistake before as well when talking to the media so it’s not really a big deal.


    Keith Collantine

    I’m forever getting Q1 and Q3 mixed up.


    Alex green

    @todfood steve slater is/was superb i was gutted when star sports decided to go with the sky commentators :(


    Force Maikel

    Jake humphrey made loads of mistakes in his first year back in ’09. Did anyone burn him into the ground back then? No, because the BBC was brilliant and it still is IMHO.



    @todfod Steve Slater was waaaaay better than Croftie. The latter’s whole little F1 world revolves around McLaren, Mercedes, di Resta and Chilton…



    The BBC is brilliant?? I don’t know about that. I think they really really lost out with Brundle leaving and then Humphrey.

    Eddie asinine Jordan, I used to think he was hilarious and somewhat edgy. He is now the most FIA/F1 Bernie, kiss butt, brown noser, ever!
    If there is any comment about ANYTHING that goes against F1, even if it is just speaking about something that has actually happened, he always changes the subject or dismiss it. The Alonso/Webber interview before the race, which was good, kudos BBC for that, in it, the drivers spoke briefly about how some are arriving in F1 with GP2 driving attitudes and lack of respect. After the interview, sure enough, Jordan praises the interview and totally dismisses Alonso/Webbers thought on that.

    The BBC should be independent and praiseworthy but also critical of FIA/F1 when it needs be.


    Force Maikel

    Sure the BBC has lost out a bit but hey what did you expect was going to happen when they went with the SKY deal. I still think for a much smaller production team and less tv time they have managed the gaps well and are still producing high quality TV. Sure Eddie can be annoying sometimes but so is Hill or Croftie from time to time. Yes he likes Bernie, nothing you can do about that. This main down to the fact that the BBC has to uphold a lot more regulations when compared to (private) television company.

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