Tattoos: Who has some F1-inspired ink?

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    Ive recently started a F1 “Legends” Inspired Sleeve, – I had my second sitting yesterday which was added to by a true legend… Murray Walker! I already have a Senna portrait on the same arm!

    Id love to share this with you all as Im so passionate about F1, I love the technology, the history, everything!

    Id love to hear your comments as this truly is a work of art, I’d Like to make a massive thank you to my friend Andrew who is the main man behind this! If anyone would like to see his work he’s on Twitter/Instagram under @andrewtattoo7 – He is a truly awesome artist and blows me away with his work everyday!

    Murray Walker



    Here’s my Senna Portrait





    Hey mate, I dont ink myself but my mates would love it!

    where is the Senna ? Looks like a knee? Murray is awesome hey!!

    Maybe a Mark dropping Seb ?? LOL




    @garns thank you mate! the Senna is on the inside of my arm (Top) and the Murray on the forearm!

    Looking at getting James Hunt next!

    Noway! Mark and Seb! pffft the RedBulls!

    Im thinking in the future (dependant on room on that arm, getting Hamilton and Stirling Moss and Sid Watkins with a few infill bits and pieces!

    Thank you for the kind comments! I love the Murray, it is exceptional!



    Just to add, the senna needs another sitting as it didnt heal great! So my mate will do another sitting on it at some point! as he wants it perfect!



    Well he definitely got Murray spot on but Senna, not so much! The idea of a F1 inspired sleeve is awesome though! Kudos to you sir!


    Kirstan Goodman

    I had my first tattoo last week, not F1 themed but am already planning my second which is going to be F1 themed. Im going to be watching this thread closely for inspiration I was thinking maybe Senna’s iconic crash helmet :-)



    Pretty sure I just saw your Murray tattoo tweeted by Corfty



    @ratboy You did see it retweeted by crofty as we saw him, Pinkham, Herbert and Kravits in Spa on friday evening! He spelt my twitter name wrong though! never mind! They were all blown away by it!



    @karter22 Cheers mate, like I said the Senna one will be having another sitting as it didnt heal great, but its still a great likeness to the photo it was done from! typically I found a better photo after I’d had it done! ahh well, maybe on the other Arm! Thanks for the comments!



    @kirstang if you search in Facebook/google New Image Tattoo Stusio Wisbech then theyre are the guys who done mine! Very close friends, more like family!, that aside, i would never go anywhere else due to the quality of there work!


    Keith Collantine

    Alonso’s been retweeting these today:



    That Alonso one.



    Force Maikel

    Come on @magnificent-geoffrey, we all know you’ve got a big Peter Sauber on your back ;-)


    Yeah… but… that’s… erm… that’s completely different…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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