Team Orders?

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    Was Red Bull following team orders last Sunday. Webber was told his engine was getting too hot and had to back off, until about 4 laps to go when they said he could now go harder – too late it seems to haul in Vettel.

    One might be forgiven for thinking they didn’t want their drivers fighting for the lead at such an important time in the championship. One look at Webbers face when they got back to the pits suggest he was not a happy man and he seemed to downplay the alleged problem with his car.



    Well, we can all be conspiracy theorists but no-one, except for the guys on the pit wall and mission control?(Is it called that for Red Bull?) Know the real truth. But for a track like Brazil it’s very likely his engine was getting too hot, and Red Bull was telling Mark to calm it down to prevent what happened too Vettel in Korea, and possibly to prevent a coming together again like Turkey.

    Red Bull had everything too gain (In terms of WCC) and a lot too lose that race so it might’ve just been a strategical ploy from Red Bull.



    Yeah I think it was team orders to keep both of them alive for the championship, which makes some sense – but wouldn’t please Webber.



    Agree with RIISE. It’s near the end of the season, engines are being re-used and it’s a hot climate.

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