Teams & driver caught unaware..

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    HB uber Mod

    For the second time in as many weeks, ive just read about a situation where either a team or driver was caught ‘unaware’ of something they should certainly have known about…………

    It was just said that Kamui didnt know [when he made the 2 last lap passes] that it was the last lap. How is that possible? I understand that a driver may not know every lap, what lap it is, but certainly the team would let him know when its the last lap – and what about the white flag?

    I also read where Richard Branson said, he was unaware that there was something like 15 million pounds up for grabs for finishing the season in 10th place. How in the world could a team principal not know that. Yeah you can say Virgin is new and doesnt ‘get it’ but Branson, like him or not, is a very good business man and any good business man should know what the possible return on investment is.

    I just find these two situations completly laughable.



    Well, branson isn’t the team principal.. he just pays big bills :)

    That Koboyashi didn’t know it was the last lap amazed me too. Maybe they didn’t want to put to much pressure on him or something, I don’t know :)


    HB uber Mod

    Well, I think you get my point regarding Branson. He certainly should have known what the potential pay out is regarding his teams ranking at the end of the year.


    Dan Thorn

    As far an I know there isn’t a white flag in F1 – at least I’ve never seen it! I don’t know if Kamui’s radio was out, or if the team were just leaving him to get on with it or what. Maybe he was told but was so focused it didn’t register.



    white flag has a different meaning in f1, a white flag in f1 means slow car ahead.



    during the podium ceremony I could hear an F1 car in the background driving flat out and still doing laps of the circuit. that must have been Kamui



    The white flag to indicate the last lap is only used in American racing.

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