Teams unhappy with Red Bull’s new floor design

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    A few journalists out of the Monaco paddock are Tweeting that some of the teams are unhappy with Red Bull’s revised floor layout, and are anticipating a protest after the race:

    Jon Noble ‏@NobleF1
    Lots of talk in the paddock among teams this morning about Red Bull Racing’s floor design. Am doing some digging

    Jennie Gow ‏@JennieGow
    Could be a protest looming after the race as the Red Bull floor comes under scrutiny from the other teams. Interesting times ahead #F1
    (Retweeted by Craig Scarborough)

    Andrew Benson ‏@andrewbensonf1
    Will someone chance a one-stop? Plus Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren apparently unhappy about Red Bull floor. Impending protest? #BBCF1

    Nobody seems to have any details on what the teams are actually unhappy about, though Craig Scarborough has a few ideas:

    Craig Scarborough ‏@ScarbsF1
    Likely floor issues are going to be slots infront of the rear tyres, flexibility or the detail dimensions. lets see

    Others still claim the FIA are already aware of the issue:

    Tobias Grüner F1 ‏@tgruener
    #F1 #Monaco There seems to be a fully enclosed hole in the Red Bull floor, which could be illegal. FIA investigating right now.

    And the BBC are reporting that McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes are all unhappy with the design. Stay tuned for more.



    BBC were talking about Christian Horner being worried on the grid, in fear they might not keep their pole position.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    According to Ted Kravitz, the FIA are leanring more towards Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes than Red Bull s of about twenty mnutes ago.



    I saw Horner having chats with Whiting more than once before the race. I don’t believe they would of raced that floor if they thought they were going to get disqualified.


    Bradley Downton

    Neither McLaren or Mercedes are protesting, but Ferrari are. I also heard that the FIA were leaning away from believing Red Bull, is it too early to congratulate Nico Rosberg?



    Horner said they weren’t at all worried. After the race he told BBC that they had a letter from the FIA confirming its legality.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Reports coming in that Red Bull’s floor has been deemed illegal:




    Good of them to sort this out after a race where Red Bull won with an apparently illegal car…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The other teams apparently dropped the protest because they didn’t want the race to be overshadowed by a disqualification.



    There was a good illustration on the F1 Show last night of how Sauber have made the ‘Red Bull hole’ legal by cutting out the side and making it a slot.



    That’s uncharacteristically charitable of the teams. Nice though.



    Looks like they have to change it now though:

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