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    Just out of curiosity, the teams that have deals with engine constructors, do they have any option in the contract to pay less or some kind of arrangement if the engine is below a certain level of performance?
    Of course the question arises given the current situation with Renault engines, but it is not aimed to them, more a general question if the teams can get back any of their money if the engine proves to be a problem of their performance, a serious one. I mean things like if the engine constructor starts giving advices to use the engine at 80% of power, or we designed the engine to run at 90 Centigrade but better run it at 85.
    Giving the huge money teams are paying for the engines this year, if an engine under performs to its own specifications, than …


    Prisoner Monkeys

    No. The money for the engines is paid up-front. In some cases, that money was probably used to pay for the development of the engines in the first place – at the very least, it would be used to offset the costs of developing it.

    And don’t forget that these problems are likely to be temporary. The Renault teams may have to struggle for the time being, but eventually there will be a solution available.

    On top of that the idea that you have put forward would have required Renault to have foreknowledge of their issues months ago when the contracts between them and the teams were drawn up. Any team would immediately see that and be put off by it. Furthermore, it would open up a nastly legal battleground, with teams paying based on relative performance, which is entirely subjective.



    Well, it’s an idea really, mostly wondering if there has been any case in the past to illustrate it. The question arose of course from the current situation of Renault engine, it makes me a bit pessimistic about the performances of the teams and how much these teams will be damaged. Sure there gone be differences between engines, but not at this level.
    Anyway, I really hope they can solve it pretty soon.

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