Teams you love and hate most

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    This is my first writing as a thread owner, so be little easy on me.

    Inspired by some threads on people you love and hate most, lets count for team as well (apology if any similar thread exists).Here goes mine:


    McLaren: Really hits you as a team which is commendable even if 2 ex-world champions race wheel to wheel.

    Mercedes: Just a presence or Michael Schumacher, I must say he WAS a synonym of speed (even in many bollywood movies)

    Force India: Being little biased, the only recognizable face of India on F1 grid, a seed of surging F1 popularity in India.

    Sauber: Seemingly perfect gentle team lead by Peter Sauber and quite envious driver line up.

    Williams : Once a legend, I just hope they bounce back and they will.


    Red Bull: Never strike me as a team, looks like we have RB1 and RB2 on the grid (with obvious order ;)).Whenever one wins the other just repels u with awful expression, even if it is 1-2 at the end of race (remember Hungary-10, Brazil-10).

    Ferrari: I know it will raise many eyebrows, but again just building the whole team around a single person looks tad unfair. The hate was more amplified when Montezemolo said Massa drove like his brother.I understand that Massa wasn’t to his best, but still he showed some result with 2nd and 3rd places(and obviously potential 1st) when the top-3 was more or less divided between RB and Mclaren.

    Lotus & HRT : Both these teams are just blabbermouth, we will do this!! we will do that!! only blah and blah

    No feelings ;) :

    Renault: With Kubica, it obviously spice up the top half of the grid, but without him, it seems like only cars are earning their points.

    Toro Rosso: Totally uninspired driver line up but add little more to midfield battle.

    Virgin : Just a crowd on track with HRT



    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    I don’t usually follow teams and care about them only because of the drivers involved, but if I had to rank them I’d say:


    McLaren (two of my favourite drivers)

    Sauber (Peter is a legend, plus Kobayashi)

    Lotus (would like to see them do well though I don’t like TF’s and MG’s PR)

    Mercedes (would like to see them win without masses of Honda money)

    Force India (former underdog favourites)

    Virgin (would generally like them to do well)

    Williams (though I’d love for them to come back to the front they’ve had a bad attitude in recent years)

    HRT (feel sorry for the employees with bad management and bad drivers)


    Renault (hate the whole Lotus thing)

    Ferrari (appreciate the history but been bitten once too often by winning > sport approach)

    Red Bull (never liked them at all though I like Webber)

    Toro Rosso (uninspiring line-up, only beginning to be their own team)



    My order of appreciation:

    1. Ferrari

    2. Sauber

    3. Toro Rosso

    4. Lotus

    5. Red Bull

    6. McLaren

    7. Force India

    8. Renault

    9. Mercedes

    10. Williams

    11. HRT

    12. Virgin




    McLaren (pure racing team)

    Sauber (Peter Sauber, best young talent)

    Force India (underdogs)

    Lotus (Kovalainen)

    Mercedes (old man team)


    Ferrari (higher-ups meddling)

    Virgin (Richard Branson)

    HRT (useless)

    Williams (spoiling their good name)


    Red Bull (no reason really, just dont like them)

    Toro Rosso (Red Bull testing ground, not a real team)

    Renault (unsure about new owners)



    Mclaren: Always had my fave driver’s with it being Hamilton, DC, and Kimi’s team. I liked them initially because they had driver names on their cars when I started watching F1 – I thought that was cool, as well as having a smart silver/black paintjob.

    Renault: Three of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in recent times with the Team Spirt yellow and blue, the yellow ‘bee’ livery from 2010. It was great to see them end the Ferrari dominance, and I loved the no nonsence pure racing attitude with Kubica leading the team last year.

    Team Lotus: Great to see the name return, watch all the doubters jump on the bandwagon when they get some success. Love the BRG paint scheme, and I’m glad they kept it again this year!

    So as you can see, I basically like teams because their colours stand out!




    Mercedes: Puts Ferrari’s motoring history in perspective, all silver, they have presence (this has nothing to do with Micheal Schumacher)

    Virgin: I love the style, now a proper racing team with real organization, just lacking speed now. The sexiest car of 2010.

    McLaren: Two British world champions, both excellent drivers and great freinds. isn’t that lovely.


    Ferrari: Just miserable most of the time, and they are the last team to make F1 boring. Montezemolo is not a good thing either. + all their talk of passion… I could go on.

    Torro Rosso: The only team not out to win championships and they look confusing to newcomers to the sport.

    Lotus and Lotus: It’s the naming dispute really and the confusion of the renault with the Lotus livery for newbies. But I have nothing against the drivers. If they each had their own names and had nothing to do with lotus, I’d be happy with both of them.

    I like everyone else on the grid

    Torro Rosso are the only team that I would actually remove from the grid if I had the power.




    #1: Mclaren: Simply cause i didnt know whom to follow when michael retired n i decided lets go with the rookie and stuck to it. dont really like michael now. he’s all slow now. thought I was surprised by his drive in china. did drive like a 7 time champion first time since his comeback. so lets see. Like Mclaren now. it’s a good duo with the 2 british drivers. also the radical ideas they come up with. like the successful FDuct last year n the not so successful Octopus exhausts.

    #2: Red Bull Racing: Adrian Newey knows how to deliver a good car. And no denying that Vettel is a good driver in the team. RBR stuck to no team orders last year n let the drivers decide on the track who gets the title. Hugely respected RBR for that.

    #3: Renault: Wouldve been much better is Kubica was there this season. really hoping he comes back. It’s a strong team.

    #4:Force India: Was very strong last year until 2 of their employees left and then it was mess. sadly.

    #5: Lotus: Good comeback and it’s developing quite fast. M guessin in maybe 2-3 years it’ll probably be up giving a title chase or atleast in level with Force India.

    #6: Sauber: Good team. I genuinely thought after BMW left, sauber would be all lost, but it’s Good. surprisingly.

    Dont Like:

    #1: Ferrari: Was okay with the “we are ferrari, we run f1, without us, f1 will die” attitude, but i do not accept the team orders thing and i dont like the way they treat massa.

    #2:Williams: I have no idea what they are planning to do. they were like the best team in the 90s n now they are nowhere. and they got barichello who isnt really that good a driver. if they want his experience keep him as an advisor or test driver and get a new young driver to fill in his seat.

    #3:HRT: Dont get last years car to drive it again this year. that’s just rubbish. if you cannot afford f1, then give that spot to some other team who actually can.

    Dont Know:

    #1:Mercedes GP: Nico Rosberg: GOOD, Michael, well i dunno. which really leaves me undecided about the team. also they shine in some races and others they are behind. so is it a performance issue, is the driver high sometimes, whatever, they cant sort it out.

    #2:Torro Rosso: well, i hardly see them getting covered in the feed. so i dunno. They need to shine.

    #3:Virgin: Good, better than HRT, but i thot it was supsd to compete with Lotus, but Lotus moved on, Virgin is still struggling. so i dont know about that team either.

    WOW. Lots I wrote. sorry if it was boring.




    Red Bull – Such a young team and already world champion, plus Vettel. :)

    Mercedes – I gues because of Schumi and Rosberg.

    Force India – Underdog to favorite, don’t see that happening to often.

    Sauber – Peter is a legend, and Kamui is awesome.

    Lotus – Historic team who struggled last year, but are comming back. :)

    Virgin – One of the best looking cars ever!

    HRT – I love small teams with so much courage.


    Mclaren – Spiegate and Liegate say it all.

    Ferrari – I respect their history, but they often whine too much.

    Williams – Legendary team who now choose money over talent.

    Renault – Ugliest looking cars for many years.

    Torro Rosso – Another Red Bull team, how unoriginal.



    Teams i Like

    Mclaren – British Team, British Drivers and victims of their own style sometimes. Its like supporting Arsenal, only its F1 (uncanny parrells)

    Team Lotus – Good to see the name back, if you look past the not being Chapmans outfit in body.

    Williams – The team of my Childhood, somethings you just cant shake off, and thats my fondness of Williams!

    Sauber – Just really likeable really, and they have KK whose just brilliant to watch!

    Ok, dislikes…

    Red Bull – Aagghhh where to start, Horner.. Marko… Vettel… all wind me up. Maybe it because of the “Signing session with Mark Webber and a Q&A with Christian Horner” that was promised over the speakers at last years Goodwood festival of Speed… only it wasnt a signing session and the questions was all prearranged for Horner and Webber (no crowd contributions) and the fact they arrived some 20/25 minutes late in the blistering July sun of the weekend (i was sun-burnt from the previous day). I dont really like their management style or the way they dealt with anything last season. Red Bull came into F1 looking like a fun team, who everyone could like, and we did. But somehow, somewhere that got lost and they’re just really annoying to me now.

    Ferrari, now I dont have much fondness for Ferrari. I dont like the fact they seem to remind everyone that Ferrari is a key part of F1’s history or that they have had certain privalidges in the past. Theres no one big thing i dislike about them, but a few minor niggles that just add up. But the key thing about Ferrari which doesnt apply to Red Bull, is that i respect them, completely 100% respect them as much as I do Williams and Mclaren. Id never like to see them leave the sport, and would love to see them go back to Le Man too.



    Glad to have you on here and a great idea for a thread :)

    Love: Ferrari. They’re just intoxicating. I don’t always agree with what they do but either way they always drive me crazy and I like their style.

    I don’t really hate any team at all as I just focus on Ferrari (the old Mclaren rivarly can be fun) but one team I’ve never really warmed to is FI.


    sbl on tour

    love – ferrari- but like any love affair its not without its ups and downs

    like – williams

    like – mclaren

    ok – force india

    little interest – red bull

    no interest – sauber

    no interest – mercedes

    total wasters – torro rosso

    others i,ve liked in the past – march, penske,toleman, brabham, tyrrell, hesketh



    Honestly, I do not give a sh*t about teams. I’ve always supported a couple of my drivers, and consequently, I support the cars they produce for my favourite driver.

    But if I had to chose.. my three favourite teams –

    1) Renault – The underdogs of the front runners, with lots of left over spirit from 2005 & 06

    2) Force India – A team that was stuck at the far end of the back grid for ages has finally become a strong mid field runner. I also have a slight patriotic bias, as they are the best representation of my country in the sport thus far

    3) Williams – When I started watching the sport, Williams were at their peak. And over the years its sad to see a fine independent constructor with a rich heritage just crumble to the ground.

    And my least favourite teams are –

    1) HRT – They do not belong in this sport.

    2) Mercedes – I’ve never liked the incredibly dull and arrogant Ross Brawn. Schumacher joining them has made me hate the team even more.

    3) Team Lotus – A new team trying to promote themselves off the laurels of the classic Lotus team. Fernandes and his constant rants tick me off as well.. not to mention Jarno Trulli.


    Craig Woollard

    In order of preference:

    1) McLaren (so much history, and a very British team also, good driver pairings and always provide exciting racing… Plus, been supporting them since 1997 ;) )

    2) Renault (only since Briatore and Symonds have gone, the team has been built up from the ashes of what they left, dislike Bahr massively though)

    3) Williams (So much history and their domination in the late ’80s/early ’90s summed up what could be once again)

    4) Sauber (Not been in F1 as long as the previous 3, but always bring in fantastic young drivers, and a privately-owned team that has always been challenging for the best of the rest)

    5) Red Bull (For such a young team, only being around since 1997, they’ve beaten McLaren and Ferrari to world titles. They’re really fun to watch too, and have cemented themselves at the top)

    6) Mercedes (Great history behind the team, and I think everybody wants to see them win races again. I’m not the biggest Schuey fan, but I want him to win #92 at least)

    7) Force India (Proved doubters wrong by staying in F1 for longer than Midland or Spyker. Came close to winning, and I think lots of fans would want them to win. For India mostly)

    8) Lotus (Great to see the name back in F1. And I acknowledge the ‘bullying’ from Group Lotus, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to hear about pathetic bickering in courts which get more and more hype via Fernandes)

    9) HRT (Despite what everyone says, they are catching up. They have gone from 4/5 laps down to just 2 laps down. They have good people, they just need the sponsors. The ‘this is a cool spot’ or ‘your logo here’ sections on this year’s car is an embarrassment to F1 though)

    10) Virgin (Always support the new boys, but Beardy Branson NEEDS to get rid of Wirth. I assume his car handles the same way it looks, like a snake)

    11) Ferrari (I DISLIKE the way this team is run, by Di Montezemelo, and I HATE their arrogance more than anything. They keep quiet if they are winning, but if anything doesn’t go their way, the regulations have to be changed to suit them)

    12) Toro Rosso (The team shouldn’t exist really. If they sold it to anybody who wouldn’t turn it into a b-team then it would be higher)


    Ned Flanders

    Sbl- may I ask, if you love Ferrari, why do you have a profile picture that says “The Italian Knobs”?!



    Dan Thorn


    Williams – huge respect for Sir Frank and Patrick, have had some wonderful innovations, some of the best liveries and some of my favourite drivers.

    Ferrari – I understand why people dislike them, but their entire history and mystique is just so awesome I can’t not love them. I actually really like the way they approach racing as well, even if it isn’t always the right way to do it.


    McLaren. Hello grey. Would you like some boring with your dull? I find them so corporate, soulless and PR driven. Things have lightened up a bit since Dennis departed but everything still smacks of being anal and finicky. I know they’re passionate, I just wish they would show it.

    I couldn’t really care less about the other teams as I follow the drivers more. Sauber are a charming outfit and I quite like Mercedes and Toro Rosso, but all the others I can take or leave. I do have a soft spot for HRT though…

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