Teams you love and hate most

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    Red Bull: Never strike me as a team, looks like we have RB1 and RB2 on the grid (with obvious order ;)).Whenever one wins the other just repels u with awful expression, even if it is 1-2 at the end of race (remember Hungary-10, Brazil-10).

    Has anyone given any thought aboutRed Bull and Torro Rosso relationship? In this time and age of Formula 1 when free testing is strictly forbidden you have Torro Rosso as a testing team for Red Bull. It’s completely legaal but not fair to other teams. Torro Rosso also has Ferrari engine, a situation which can be also interpreted as espionage.



    I only really hate Team “Lotus” well it’s pretty obvious really. Tony Fernandes is a complete numpty, to put it politely.

    My order of appreciation:

    1. Toro Rosso

    2. Red Bull

    3. Virgin Racing

    4. Renault

    5. Ferrari

    6. Sauber

    7. Mercedes

    8. Force India

    9. HRT

    10. Williams

    11. McLaren

    12. Team Lotus



    I find it strange that Ferrari is so hated. Not becuase I don’t agree with anything said against them (I get annoyed often by them, like in Germany last year), but becuase they have the greatest fan team in the world.



    Fixy I think Karan put it best. They’re a team you love or hate or even both :P



    Ranked in order of whom I like best:

    1) Virgin – Great team, two really good drivers in Glock and d’Ambrosio

    2) McLaren – Great to see two ex-world champions in a team

    3) Williams – Rubens is one of my favourite drivers

    4) Renault – Petrov is one of my favourites

    5) Mercedes – Will be nice to see Rosberg win a race

    6) Force India – Despite dropping Liuzzi this year, di Resta is one to watch

    7) Sauber – Two great young drivers in Perez and Kobayashi

    8) Ferrari – Never really had an opinion of them

    9) Red Bull – Like the drivers, just not the team itself

    10) Toro Rosso – Never forgiven Buemi for what he did to Glock last year

    11) HRT – Only positive I can think of is they’ve got a better livery than last year

    12) Team Lotus – Always going on about scoring points in races but never do



    I came into F1 in 2007 as a massive football (soccer) fan, so therefore, I only love one team and hate everyone else. And as my avatar suggests, I am a LH fan.

    As a 100% scouser, McLaren are my Liverpool, and Ferrari are my Man Utd, Red Bull are my Everton. I think everyone will figure out what I mean by that. :)




    1. McLaren – I have always supported them for as long as I’ve followed F1 and apart from Alonso and Montoya, there’s not a single modern day driver that has driven for them that I dislike. If you ask me, Hakkinen is the best driver ever.

    2. Lotus – I don’t get why they’re so hated around here, I really want them to succeed and can definitely see them doing so in the future, plus Kovaleinen rules and Fernandes and Gascoygne are nice guys.

    3. Sauber – I like Peter Sauber, plus their two drivers right now are fantastic drivers and very likeable people.

    4. Williams – they’re Williams. I also like Barrichello and the team principle a lot, plus they’re doing quite badly at the moment so it’s nice to cheer the underdogs and even more glorious when they succeed.


    5. Mercedes – I was never the biggest Schumacher fan pre-retirement, but right now I really want to see him on the podium. I also think Rosberg is cool.

    6. Force India – like both drivers, very impressed with DiResta’s skills.

    7. Renault – overall a very strong team with good drivers who are generally cool guys, much better than the team Briatore ran who would be right up there in the hate camp.

    Not too bothered:

    8. Toro Rosso – the very definition of meh. Both drivers showed promise in 2010 but they’re not showing it here.

    9. HRT – again, very mediocre and a bit shambolic.


    10. Virgin – nothing wrong with them overall (although they’re quickly becoming the worst team) but I hate them on principle. They’re Richard Branson’s team and I can’t stand that c…

    11. Red Bull Racing – they’re a good team overall and I don’t really hate any of the people involved in them, but they are becoming early-2000s era Ferrari right now, and I hate it when teams dominate.

    12. Ferrari – McLaren’s arch-nemesis, they’re open about team orders, Alonso is a grumpy so and so and is Hamilton’s nemesis etc.



    I wouldn’t go as for to say love or hate any team. I don’t love teams because of the ebb and flow of teams in F1. If I was a passionate fan about a team or driver, I feel like I’d not be able to enjoy the racing as much as I’d get dissapointed that my favourite didn’t do well. I’ve learnt this from being a big Damon Hill fan as a child!

    McLaren – its more about the drivers for me at this team. From Senna and Prost, to Hakkinen and DC, and now Hamilton and Button. Not a fan of their

    Williams – Grew up with that team in one of their most successful periods, the early to mid 90s. Was a big Senna , Nige and Damon fan. Shame they aren’t the team they used to be, but hopefully that will turn around if they can get a backing like BMW again.

    Sauber – was a big fan of the team in the early 00’s due to sitting in one of their show cars at Donnington. Bought a cap of theirs and I was hooked. Glad to see they are coming good again after a shocker of a start to last season. plus – KOBAYASHI.

    Lotus – just like their fighting spirit. I really liked the way they came into F1 and we really professional, they had everything in place and has been enjoyable so far to watch them build as a team. I’m fed up of the whole Lotus vs Lotus debacle, but im sure everyone is. Tony Fernandes makes some cringworthy tweets from time to time also!


    Ferrari – I just don’t like Montezemolo. Great history but nothing resonates with me. If I were a driver I wouldn’t be striving to drive for them, and not many English people would.

    Red Bull – I like Vettel and Webber a lot, but the team I’m not too fond of. No big reason, just a feeling I get with them.

    HRT – waste of time for me

    Toro Rosso – not a real team, they are running on the ashes of the “Red Bull sister team” set up. I like Alguersuari though.

    All the other teams I’m not too fussed about, I prefer to follow drivers rather than teams. The only driver I really dislike is Alonso, but then he is a great driver so can’t hate him too much.



    Through my favourite drivers I have gone from Williams to Ferrari to McLaren. Call me an equal opportunist!

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