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    The BBC commentary today was a complete train wreck. I cringed at so many moments during the race.

    I know most people here are going to defend the team, but this is a lot, lot worse than last year. Brundle simply is not a capable lead commentator. They need to take a queue from ESPN and bring in a pro who can seamlessly handle the event commentary while the other two provide color. Brundle stuttered and ummed and uhhhed his way through the race today, and it has been that way all year.

    There were a million threads about getting rid of Allen and getting rid of whats-his-name last year, yet nobody is saying anything about Brundle as a lead commentator who in my opinion is an order of magnitude worse.

    I think it is bad enough that they should actively be seeking to rectify the situation in the next few races.



    If you watch other sports, such as basketball, NASCAR, etc. you will know that good lead commentary is seamless. You don’t notice it – it complements the images being viewed and as a viewer you don’t even have to think about it. Brundle is so awkward that is detracts from the viewing experience – it is like running nails down a chalkboard.



    I didnt notice the commentary. Its seamless to me. Must only be you. The commentary is great.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The BBC commentary today was a complete train wreck.

    It could be worse. Although the Australians are deferring to the BBC more and more (I suspect they’ve been given a much-needed kick in the pants), they still insist on referring to Scuderia Toro Rosso as “Scood-ah-ree-ah Toro Rosso” instead of “Skoo-dare-ee-ah Toro Rosso”.



    The only problem I have is Coulthard trying to convince the viewers that McLaren have the better race package. It just gets annoying.



    > I didnt notice the commentary. Its seamless to me. Must only be you. The commentary is great

    I will find the transcript when I get a moment. When Red Bull made their first pit stops it took more than a minute for Brundell to complete and entire sentence or to string 3-4 words together that made sense. He seems to change what he is talking about mid-sentence far too often.

    There are also the errors, and then the clich’s.



    Today’s commentary was not good. And Brundle kept suggesting that in 1992 it was Senna trying to pass Mansell and not the other way around.

    It was a rare slip up from was has been a very good commentating team thus far



    U MAD?



    No idea what you’re on about, Brundle’s an excellent commentator as is Coulthard.



    As has been said, it wasn’t a great performance, hell, even Kravitz managed to get a fact wrong. I would still rather have this team than some shoehorned football comentator though. All motorsports commentators make mistakes, at least with Brundle and Coulthard we have two people that have experience and knowledge (even if their memory does throw a joker occasionally).


    Ned Flanders

    Hmmm… I don’t agree at all. I think they have a great rapport, far better than Brundle had with Legard or even James Allen, and if they did make a few errors most of them went straight over my head thankfully



    I do think this weekend’s was their worst one yet. But that’s still miles and miles better than anything that’s gone before. Including Murray Walker.

    And that’s saying something. Because I think the only reason they have struggled as much as they have been, is not because of their respective promotions, but because the amount of information they have to constantly process just to keep on top of who is where on the track fighting for what position has increased so much this year. We have had monsoon races that weren’t as crazy as the tamest of the dry races we’ve had this year.

    Yes, they do make mistakes. But I think they are doing a really good job despite of them.

    And actually, I think they would do a better job as well if the FOM would give control over the video feeds to a TV station. I don’t even care which one. But a TV station would to me seem to be better placed to decide what shots and angles better tell the story of what’s going on at any given time. Perhaps make it a TV station from a country that doesn’t have drivers on the grid, just to make sure there’s no accusations of unfair selection.



    I find the commentary has been the best since Murray retired.



    A case of an embarrassment of riches methinks. I’ve been relegated to watching whatever online streams I can find this year and this was the first time I had a BBC feed for the duration of the race – what an utter pleasure. Sure they may not be perfect, but, man, try to watch a race with some local commentators in various countries and it can really be downright painful. Brundle and and Coulthard may be not be the most TV-savvy guys out there, but they certainly both know what they’re talking about. And give them the better part of a season to really gel and find their rythm, too.



    Try watching the race with Arabic commentary, you’ll soon appreciate Brundle and DC.

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