Testing back in 2014 says Italian press

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    According to Gazzetta and Italiaracing, teams have reached an agreement to allow testing during the season starting next year.
    Each team may have four 2-day tests in Europe, and the tyre providers will also benefit from this.
    Maybe the only ones who will lose out will be the poorer teams, who might not have the budget to do all 4 tests.
    I do believe this would be good for F1. Let’s see.



    Great news for Ferrari. :-)
    They’ve always been better at extracting much more data from testing rather than from their outdated simulator.


    Keith Collantine

    So what’s changed since the teams voted against it less than a month ago?




    From what I’ve gathered around the web, Ferrari originally proposed a rule change allowing teams to ‘trade’ windtunnel time, film days and straight-line tests for conventional testing time.

    The 2014 rules would add upon existing time for windtunnel use, film days and straight-line tests.

    It does seem rather vague, though. A usually well-informed commenter on a Dutch F1 site has said something akin to this being confirmed by Christian Horner to one of their journalists in an interview. That interview is yet to be published.

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