The BBC Coverage – it works!

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    I must say how thoroughly impressed I have been with the BBC coverage since 2009. It’s simply gone from strength to strength, the forum is always fantastic, the lineup is superb (well, Legard can sometimes be annoying) and the features are all thought out and done well.

    I had my reservations with the team of Jake, EJ and DC back in the early days of 2009. However, I must say I think they’ve really bedded in well together. There’s the almost “sibling-rivalry” between DC and EJ which is amusing, but gets some questions asked that may not be asked otherwise. On top of that, EJ has no shame – he asks the questions we were all thinking.

    I hope I’m not alone in loving the BBC – I hope this level of coverage continues for sometime to come.



    Yeah I loved EJ getting told off by Ferrari, saying his question was ‘malicious’, that was classic! :)


    Ned Flanders

    I think on the whole they’re great, but I do have a few issues. I can’t hack Legard, I think Jake’s presenting can be a bit patronising (CBBCish?) sometimes, and some of their production can be a bit over extravagent. But annoying though EJ can be he does ask some great questions and the realtionship the 3 presenters have is great



    Jake is cut from broadcasting school cloth, and the broadcast needs the steady man to keep the ship on the right heading – but he certainly shouldn’t be getting mixed up with questioning in areas that he is not an expert in. It would be preferable for him to keep to the job of tying the broadcast together, and keeping the F1 talk to Jordan and Coulthard who are both excellent.

    I think the team is great, Legard included. He (Legard) gets a lot of criticism, but so did James Allen. It comes down to it being a difficult job and most in the audience being nostalgic for Murray Walker (gaffs and all).



    I love the BBC coverage. Probably the best in the world.

    In the beginning Legard could be annoying when saying ‘from…from..from’

    He still does it but very little.

    They do have good connections and they always get good interviews.

    Ok it’s much Christian Horner and Martin Withmarsh.. but hey, they are the 2 most important team bosses atm!



    Anyone use the BBC tracker thing? Pretty cool gimmik.

    An yes aunties exellent, a good sports broadcast adds a little extra to what is being shown, doesn’t the beeb do it well.



    i loved it. but i wasn’t to keen on the camera cutting away to Coulthard’s interview with Button during the middle of Brundle’s holy grid walk. kinda killed the flow. brundle’s grid walk is one of the highlights of f1 coverage.

    anyway, keep up the good work!

    (btw who else thought the FOM camera angle for the start of the race was just awful!? it was so low down, you couldn’t see half the cars because of the corner markers.)



    I wonder when something like BBC coverage will come to India. We have pathetic Star Sports coverage, that is nothing in comparison to the Pre/Post race analysis by Mark, David and Eddie.



    “Anyone use the BBC tracker thing?”

    Used it and loved it. I loved it when Mas and vet were right at the back pre safety car as it showed Massa passing the slower cars and just how alone/off the pace Vettel was at that point.

    It was great to keep track of things. Live timing is great but sometimes it’s hard for me at least, to visualise just where the cars are so I found it handy. Although I noticed a couple passes the camera missed which was annoying but nevermind.

    I love the BBC coverage though. Some things can be overdone a bit but they do seem to really care about giving the sport good coverage and that’s enough for me. I love the DC/Jake/EJ line up too with Brundle popping by after the race. They really have a nice flow and banter. It’s like having f1f on screen; just people clearly at ease and chatting away about the sport they adore.

    Here’s the BBC iPlayer link for anyone who missed the forum http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00t6pv3/Formula_1_2010_The_British_Grand_Prix_Forum/ I think you have to be in the UK to watch it though, sorry!


    Ned Flanders

    I noticed Kubica slowing down before he retired on the tracker before the TV cameras spotted it. Was fun to use, although I imagine the novelty will soon wear off



    The driver tracker is a great addition, and on the whole I think the BBC coverage is pretty good. But, after a season and a half, there’s still some things that really nark me:

    Legard: OH MY GOD – I could literally talk all day about why this guy annoys me. Suffice to say I won’t, but the way that he descends into a directionless mumbling ramble every fifteen minutes or so is my most regular turn off, along with his complete lack of humour and chemistry with anyone and the “IT’S EXCITING SO I’M SHOUTING” voice.

    Overdramatic flashbacks: “Here’s a recap of everything that has happened so far this season, again, oh wow don’t you think this was the most dramatic season ever?!?” do we really need this at the start of the every broadcast and then again half way through the build up? I’d imagine almost all viewers have been watching previous races.

    Choice of music: Aside from my continued concern that Fleetwood Mac sounds kinda dated now (yeah, sue me), a lot of the choice of music for certain segments has been diabolical. What was up with the mega-cheesey guitar wanking during the segment with JH and MB in the helicopter? It made me feel a bit sick.

    Apart from these, I think it’s a decent effort. EJ can sometimes sound a bit like he’s got a one track mind, and the discussion subjects are sometimes repetitive, but I think the trio works.

    The forum is great as well, especially as Legard generally keeps away. Sorry but I just can’t stand him, he’s like the guy in the office who’s been there for ages but no one actually likes.



    Was the forum done from the brdc or was the froum the part where Button and Barrichello and others were interviewed?



    from the BRDC.


    Ned Flanders

    Agree with pretty much everything Graham said


    sbl on tour

    come on legard isnt that bad, what do you want a return of itv and james allen,

    anyway i,ll not be listening to him at the next race cos i,ll be there , wah hey!!


    sbl on tour

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