The Best Drive of 2010

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    In the vein of “Fights for the Victory”, “Best Pass of 2010” and other forum topics, I thought it would be interesting to see what us viewers think was the best drive of 2010. It doesn’t have to be a victory – just the driver who you though showed the most grit, skill, and judgement throughout the weekend to make the most of their race. From set-up decisions throughout practice and qualifying to calls during the race itself, who do you think had the best drive of 2010? Here are some examples, I’ll give my choice at the end.

    Jenson Button, Monza:

    A ballsy choice in set up to run the deepest wing Monza’s probably ever seen gave him an outstanding qualifying, and then spent almost an entire race distance with Alonso right on his tail (and, I might add, with a damaged diffuser!). Didn’t break under the pressure, and in my opinion it was only the pit stop which cost him the victory. A drive which puts some weight behind the Prost comparisons.

    Fernando Alonso, Singapore:

    Didn’t have the best car – the Red Bulls should have owned this track, but they didn’t. Nailed every part of the weekend to gain one of the most complete victories I’ve seen – the Spaniard looked so cool behind that his. A consumate and professional victory which demonstrated how this chap was able to displace Schuey himself.

    Kamui Kobayashi, Europe:

    Maybe a controversial choice as he benefited from the SC, but there’s no ignoring the jump from 18th on the grid to 7th. Kobayashi’s been the master of starting on hard tyres this season, then making up places lost in the stops through gutsy overtaking. His pass at Europe on Buemi from so far back demonstrated to me his absolute faith in his ability to scythe through the pack – which he did, and made excellent viewing at the same time!

    As for my choice, it’s got to be JB at Monza. From the gutsy calls he made on set-up to the race itself, I honestly think that his drive at Monza was the most admirable race weekend I’ve seen from a driver this season. So I’ve made my choice – now it’s over to you!



    Webber’s win at Monaco was one of the most dominating drives I’ve seen in a while, after all those restarts he still managed to maintain his concentration and extend his gap to Vettel after every restart. Alonso at Singapore, Button in Australia, Kubica at Spa and Vettel at Suzuka were also brilliant drives.


    Stephen Jones

    Webber @ Hungary. Sure he would have only won with vettels penalty, but the middle stint he did was 100% perfect. Maybe not the greatest drive all season, but a pretty good one.



    Definately Alonso at Singapore, dealing brilliantly with the immense pressure applied by Vettel lap after lap, achieving the first grand chelem in six years, all in the second fastest car. He was 100% perfect all weekend.



    In no particular order:

    Webber at Hungary

    Webber at Monaco

    Massa at Germany

    Vettel at Abu Dhabi

    Alonso at Singapore



    Kubica at Monaco

    Alonso at Singapore

    Webber at Hungary

    Glock at Korea



    Alonso at Singapore.. without a doubt. Also Webber at Hungary.



    Webber at Hungary…?

    Vettel (or someone red bull associated) has already come out to say that he deliberately put distance between him and Webber during the safety car period to help Webber out (which led to his penalty etc). I can’t rate this race by Webber, he was good, but it was Vettel who dominated the weekend in my opinion, with the exception of the safety car mistake.

    As for my drives of the year – they make me start to sound like a Button fanboy.

    Button @ Australia, China and Monza was inspired.

    Webber @ Monaco was great too

    Kobayashi @ Valencia was fantastic (last lap pass!)

    The list could go on…as there were many great races from many drivers. I’d say Button in Monza was the best. Really gutsy drive. Great also by Alonso it has to be said, would have been great if Button had stayed ahead for the pitstops to force some on track action



    Alonso in Singapore was just amazing, resisting in the lead with Vettel within seconds, without making mistakes.


    M Sakr

    I hate Alonso.. Absolutely hate the guy! But his drive in Singapore for me is the drive of the year..



    Hamilton – Belguim



    One of them has to be Petrov in Abu Dhabi, and that’s not gratuitous Alonso-bashing. Outside of the championship contenders he was probably riding with the most pressure to perform in the last race of the season, which he did faultlessly, beginning by surprisingly outqualifying his team mate and then keeping a vastly talented double world champion behind him without so much as twitching.



    I’m surprised no one has mentioned these :

    Alonso racing without a clutch at Sepang

    Kubica on fresh tyres in Singapore

    Alonso defending from Hamilton in Australia

    Kobayashi at Suzuka

    These were all splendid drives.

    And all the others mentioned here were memorable ones too.

    But I would give it to Alonso’s drive in Singapore, for there is no greater pressure than the fastest driver in the fastest car breathing down your neck on a track where overtaking is possible. It was champion stuff from the Spaniard.


    Dan Thorn

    Alonso in Singapore for me too. Button in Monza and Melbourne impressed me as well as did Kobayashi in Japan.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I think it was Alonso in Malaysia, Brundle mentioned something about him driving most of the race without 3rd gear, I’m afraid I can’t expand more, anyone else remember?

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