The easiest f1 track?

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    We hear a lot about how Monaco, Suzuka and Spa are the hardest circuits in f1, where the drivers’ abilities are more important than anywhere else. But what about the easiest circuit? Where it’s all down to the car, and all the f1 drivers can be almost evenly matched?



    Before the 2009 season there was a Top Gear F1 special to look back at the year previously and all the changes for 09. In it David Coulthard described every single track that would be featuring on the calendar. When it came to the Nurburgring he said something along the lines of that track was more about the car and that made a difference more than the driver or something similar.



    Purely from playing F1 2010, I’d probably say Istanbul.


    Red Andy

    Monza has to be up there. All about having efficient aero.



    Spain, the best car on the grid, gets the pole, wins the race. China before it started raining all the time.

    Thing is, there arn’t many easy circuits, it comes down to the car in the end on certain tracks, an there are tracks where the driver is less important but it’s still up to you to beat your team mate.

    Even on a 80-20 track, that 20 requires one of the best drivers in the world for a decent laptime.

    The tracks where even Kubica and Hamilton arn’t throwing it all over the place are the car circuits.



    Monza. Not many corners and plenty of straights for the driver to have a “rest” of sorts.

    Admittedly it’s probably still quite difficult but I’d say it’s the easiest physically & mentally.



    Driver talent is pretty negligible around Bahrain. Turn 6 is really the only place someone could be caught out for not concentrating.



    Valencia, surely?

    If you don’t take into account the challenge of staying awake.



    Monza probably is up there but I wouldn’t say top. When they get there the cars are squirming around as they’re such low drag so they must be kept on their toes. Monza is one of those tracks where if you try too hard it can go completely wrong though so the drivers have to stay cool but precise every lap with their braking. That must be easier physically but I’m not sure if it is mentally.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Turn 6 is really the only place someone could be caught out for not concentrating.

    You’re forgetting turn ten. In order to take it properly, a driver has to brake and steer at the same time through nine, which is no easy feat.



    When it was still on the calendar, Austria.



    Monza or Istanbul, though i love both tracks.



    Definately one of those which has huge amount of tarmac run-offs everywhere.


    Ned Flanders

    Monza. Luca Badoer has the lap record. Nuff said



    Definitely Monza, which is why I love it, pure speed and aggression.

    Of course if we’re going back in time, the old Hockenheim, A1 Ring, Reims and Zeltweg were pretty simple – though the old AVUS course was simple but anything but easy!

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