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    Ned Flanders

    Out of curiosity of which countries provide the most F1 Fanatic’s (and also because I’m a statto and clearly have nothing better to do with my time!), I’ve just counted up all the different nationalities mentioned on the ‘Introduce Yourself’ thread. This is what I found:

    England- 32

    Australia- 7

    US- 5

    Scotland- 3

    Italy- 3

    Ireland- 3

    Brazil- 2

    Canada- 2

    Wales- 2

    Belgium- 2

    India- 2

    Northern Ireland- 1

    Isle of Man- 1

    Holland- 1

    New Zealand- 1

    Slovenia- 1

    Chile- 1

    Spain- 1

    Bangladesh- 1

    Argentina- 1

    Indonesia- 1

    In total, 73 people gave their nationality, and 44% of them were English. It’s great to see people from all around the world on this site. Of course, Forum contributors don’t necessarily reflect the distribution of readers in general, but you get the idea.

    Oh, and if there are other people representing countries I haven’t mentioned, add it to the list!



    I represent 3 countries in one… born in Scotland, raised in South Africa, working in Dubai UAE!



    yay not the only belgian :)




    pick one lol


    Ned Flanders

    Ok GeeMac I classify you as a Scotafremiratian



    Did you count me as Canada, Ned? I won’t be living here for long and it’s only been for 6 months!

    [Technically I wouldn’t even count myself as England, but there’s no shame in that!]

    A better way to have done this would be to have scoured the Ferrari team orders article and see how many comments were left complaining that Keith was a biased Englishman ;)



    Nice to see u’m not the only Welshman,

    I’d like to find out where the other one hails from :D



    Well I live in the US, but my blood is pure Polish, so does that mean I can represent Poland?



    Proud to be from the Philippines. :)

    @polishboy808 – If A1GP can do it, so can you! ;)



    Great work Ned, So I am the only one representing Bangladesh. It’s nice to see that people from many part of the world are meeting here & talking about F1.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Funny story. I’m Brazilian-born but I live in the US, I consider myself Brazilian. Thr funny story is that Polishboy is from a foreign country but lives in the US just like me, and guess what- we go to the same school.



    someday i’ll be telling my grandsons that i was the very first Ukrainian @ F1 Fanatic, lol


    I was born and bred in Great Britain, but I’m also an Australian citizen. Not only is this of great benefit to me as I can tell British women that I’m Australian and Australian women that I’m British, it also means that it’s guaranteed that my nation will win the Ashes every single time. As I refuse to choose just one nation over the other, I’ll be awkward and say that I should count as 50% British and 50% Australian.



    You can add me as Dutch, but living in the Czech Republic Ned.



    Happy to see there is at least one more Spaniard in this blog!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)

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