The F1 video archive – what would you look for first?

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    Keith Collantine

    Writing up today’s instalment of “The making of Senna” gave me this idea for a post:

    If you got into the FOM F1 video archive, with all that rare, raw footage of decades of F1 race weekends, what race would you look up first – and what would you be looking for?



    Onboard of Sutil’s Monaco GP in 2008 – the whole of it. He hasn’t impressed me very much in the recent races, but that was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.



    I’d watch both Raikkonen and Alonso’s individual races at Japan in 2005. I’d also watch some great races in recent times which I haven’t seen including Europe 2007, Australia 2006, Canada 2005 etc. as well as re-watching some great races. I’d also catch up on some races from the 20th century as I haven’t seen an awful lot of races from then.

    I don’t see why we can’t have access to FOM’s archive, I’d happily pay a subcription to watch races from it. It sucks how we can’t re-watch great races without illegal downloads or relying on someone else to upload the race for you.



    Onboard of Hamilton at the Brazilian GP 2008.



    We do have the last lap though! http://youtu.be/SLo2NcBdKNI

    I’d like to see an onboard from Hill in the 1994 Australia Grand Prix and Mansell in the 1987 British Grand Prix. For a whole race however, maybe something like Jackie Stewart at the Nurburgring.



    Oddly enough, much as I’d love to see Jackie Stewart at the Nurburgring, I sense that apart from being a fantastic drive, it might be quite boring considering his winning margin was measured in minutes!

    The one I’m really wanting to see at the moment is the on-board from Hamilton-Massa at the weekend. No doubt it’ll appear in a race edit or the end-of-season review.

    Actually an on-board from the Spa ’98 pile up would be fun to watch.

    I’d love to see Jim Clark 1967 Monza to see him go from 16th to 1st and consistently setting fastest lap after fastest lap (only to finish 3rd).




    Yes! Brilliant! Thanks :-) I knew they’d turn up sooner or later!



    I’d use it to explore some of the unknowns of F1 [i.e. did certain drivers brake test? Were certain drivers impeded on qualifying laps – like when Alonso supposedly impeded someone, possibly Massa, at Monza years ago?]

    Alternatively i’d watch onboard Mansell at Monaco 1992, onboard Raikkonen at Japan 05 or onboard Panis at Monaco 1996



    A couple of years ago someone uploaded a series of videos to youtube showing the entire 2007 Japanese Grand Prix in on-board footage. Cutting between Hamilton Alonso, Raikkonen, Vettel, Kovalainen and others. The Raikkonen onboards were especially good, I remember one pass where you going on the exit of turn 4 all you can see is a huge ball of spray in front, and suddenly a tiny red light appears to the right of screen then before you know it he’s alongside a Toyota into turn 5. Really incredible to see just how little visibility the drivers had that day.



    The video of all the races of Formula 1 if available but would love to have from the 70’s.



    Onboard+trackside of Keke’s record pole lap at Silverstone in 1985.



    I’d get lots of different videos up at once, from the same race obviously and compare. So watch a race from two different perspectives, and maybe the main race view as well.

    I’m not sure which races as there would be far too much to look at.

    I’d also like to compare different laps around Monaco to see how things have changed.

    I think it would be awesome, but also dreadful, because there would be so much you would want to see, but not be able to see it all!


    Dan Thorn

    I’d love an entire race onboard of Panis at Monaco in 1996.



    1. Giancarlo Fisichella in SPA 2008

    2. Alonso in Monaco 2010(?)

    3. Hkkinen vs Schumacher in Monaco(my absolute favorite formula 1 memory) and Monza. Every year?

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