The final of the first round of Champion of Champions.

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    I was just thinking about the championship, and if my memory serves me correct its Hamilton against Schumacher tomorrow? This is by far the most interesting, for me, and despite his results, i’d go for Hamilton. Please correct me if i’m wrong, I was just wondering what every else’s opinions are?

    And if anyone follows Keith on Twitter as I do, who do you think / know he may be interviewing next week?



    I thought it was Hamilton vs Button?

    I dunno who I’m gonna vote for. I like Button as a person over Hamilton, despite growing up local to Hamilton. Button is cooler, calmer, more polished as a person now. Hamilton has always given off this air of being in his own movie, or own life story and it’s all happening to him, and everyone else is along on that journey with him.

    I may vote Button to buck the trend. It is an opinion poll after all.



    Schumacher was in the first one. I don’t know who his opponent will be, but since we are talking about Button it can be considered extremely unlikely he will have a opponent which he beats in terms of quality.



    Schumacher was in the first round with Nino Farina, if not wrong it should be Hamilton VS Button in the last race of round one.



    I must of missed that one then, I voted Hamilton, simply because he impressed next to Alonso, and has won in every season despite the poor 2009 car. And various other, obvious reasons.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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