The French Grand Prix… at Spa?: A Hypothetical

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    This article http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/09/get-ready-breakup-belgium/ got me to wondering. If Belgium were to break up and rather than Flanders and Wallonia being their own countries, they were absorbed into the Netherlands and France, does that mean there would be a better chance of Spa retaining a race every year rather than disappearing or alternating? We’re always hearing about how much of a drain the GP is on the Walloon government but if Wallonia was a part of France maybe the funds would be there.

    Maybe this has all been though up before and im late to the party. Also from my distant viewpoint (Australia) it seems like Belgium is always on the verge of a split so maybe this will never be a possibility

    Anyhoo, your thoughts?



    Well whatver happens to the state of Belgium all I can say is this, I don’t care what they call it so long as Spa is on the calender. This crazy talk about loosing the best track on the calender can’t be allowed to continue. It ain’t right! Including this everyother year rubbish, alternating with the Nurburgring, huh?! Who in their right minds could make that seem like an even trade.



    till a King/Queen of Belgium exists, a split in two different countries is unlikely. Maybe they will create two regions with strong autonomy.

    However, Belgium or not Belgium, Spa won’t be affected by political reasons.



    That would be an interesting question for the quizz: How many “National” GP were organized in another country ? I think there was a Swiss GP in France at some point and the San Marino GP in Imola. But that’s another topic. That said, there were only 52,000 paying spectators in Spa this year and break-even was at 65,000. I am not sure turning it into the French GP would help. The weather is usually lousy, it’s difficult to get to and accomodations are scarce. May be we could have a European Union GP in Spa with a fat subsidy from the European Parliament to keep it alive.


    Ned Flanders

    Well I’m no Belguim expert but I suspect if the two regions were to split, they probably would exist as seperate states rather than being absorbed by France and Holland. Perhaps we can expect a Wallonian GP at Spa… how weird does that sound!

    Of course, should the split happen and the circuit at Zolder regain its race, we can all look forward to the Flanders GP!!



    Spa are apparently facing future financial troubles at holding the race.

    So why not alternate between the French and Belgian Grand Prix, but keep it as Spa? One year it could be subsidised by Wallonia, and the next by France. It’s better for France than having no GP, which is how they find themselves currently (and against their will, it should be pointed out).

    From speaking to Belgians it seems unlikely to me that Belgium will actually split, though if it did the constituent parts would almost certainly join other countries, leaving Brussels as the DC of the EU. But I think the idea of sharing the track between two countries could work a treat.



    As a Belgian I don’t believe that the Belgian GP will continue. The Walloons are just losing to much money on it ontop of their financial troubles. And Flanders will never help to pay the Belgian GP, neither will Belgium as a hole.



    It would be difficult politically to have a French GP in Belgium. But something along the lines of a “GP de la Francophonie” could be palatable and the Swiss could even be on board (the Swiss GP took place in France in 1982). But it still looks like a pie in the sky.



    It’s the same thing every year. The ppl that don’t like the grand prix here start complaining about the ‘low’ ticket sales and lost money. But they forget the promotion for our country and the great boost to the economy for the spa region. All the hotels that are booked, all the ppl surrounding the circuit make bunches of money. If you add things up, there will always be a profit!

    But some ppl just can’t see the big picture.

    Let’s hope Bernie does some effort to keep Spa, he knows it’s a classic wich everyone likes!



    You could also call it “The French Grand Prix at Spa” to minimise any implication it’s an event for the glory of the French Republic, yah boo sucks to you, Flems.

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