Who selects the cameras for the onboard channels?

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    I was wondering if someone could tell me (GT_Racer perhaps?) about the onboard channels that many of the broadcasters offer (Sky UK offer 5, a primary “Onboard Mix” channel, and 4 others, all of which change drivers throughout the session, whereas the BBC just offer the “Onboard Mix” channel)? I was wondering who selects the shots that are used for the onboard cameras during the session, FOM or the broadcaster? i.e., do FOM mix the 5 channels themselves, or do they give the local broadcaster the raw camera feeds for all the cars and then the broadcaster mixes the shots? Thanks, hope someone understood that lol :P



    I’ve just had a thought, maybe the main “Onboard Mix” channel, which is the same on BBC and Sky is mixed by FOM, but FOM also give the broadcasters the raw streams for the rest of the cars on track, and therefore the individual broadcasters (or in the UK, Sky) mix the footage for the rest of the 4 channels on their own? So, the “Onboard Mix” is produced by FOM, but the other 4 sky-only onboard channels are produced exclusively by and for Sky?


    Aish Heydrich

    Well back in 1999-2005, I was living in a different country (changing between Singapore-India) where we had F1 coverage on ESPN STAR, commentary by Steve Slater and Chris Goodwin from McLaren, awesome guys, and also sometimes by Alex Yoong and Karun Chandhok, and then also the same mix of on board cams like you mentioned (don’t remember how many, probably 4) were streamed, and that I’m sure was also used for Sky. So there is nothing exclusively for Sky. So to answer your question, I’d say shots selection is FOM, whoever be the ‘casters everybody sees the same thing.
    Now, I live in Vienna, Austria and I’m paying for exclusive Sky feed, because I like their features and Croft/Ted/Brundle is unmatchable.. very cute Pinkham and former presenter Hottie Georgie were excellent too, but I digressed from the topic,

    …well everybody, even ESPN STAR streams Sky’s stuff with Croft-Brundle-Ted commentary. But not Simon-Davidson part, that post-pre race show is their own. So in race you get same stuff, Sky doesn’t do anything special for you, FOM mixes everything.

    If I’m wrong, please correct me.

    PS- I don’t know anything about BBC, a channel that can’t find time to air Sherlock and delays it by half year, is no channel, in my books.

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