The Makeup of a World Champion: and webber vs vettle (Article)

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    Hey This is my fist time posting and i would like to show you a piece Ive been working on. My favorite driver is my countryman Mark Webber and i am astounded as time after time vettle out-qualifies him by .04 .07 .05 it unbelievable that equates to less then half a meter on track. is it reasonable to say that vettle is just better then webber? im not going to lie i think vettle a very good driver no doubts. Anyway here is the data ive put together.

    Driver Height Vs Weight: Is it Really important?

    By Me (Scott Bennett)

    For starter here is each drivers Height and Weight and the expected weight of their Car to bring it to 620kg well assume every car and driver weights this much.

    Note: a * denotes a current world champion also denotes abnormal data.

    Data graphed:


    Name Height(cm) Weight(kg) Car Weight(kg)

    Button* 182, 70, 550,

    Hamilton* 175, 66, 554,

    Schumacher* 174, 68, 552,

    Rosberg 178, 67, 553,

    Vettle 179, 62, 552,

    Webber 185*, 75*, 545*,

    Massa 166*, 59*, 561*,

    Alonso* 171, 68, 552,

    Barrichello 172, 77*, 543*,

    Hulkenberg 178, 70, 550,

    Kubica 183, 72, 548,

    Petrov 185*, 72, 548,

    Sutil 184, 75*, 545*,

    Liuzzi 178, 68, 552,

    Buemi 172, 55*, 565,

    Alguersuari 171, 68, 552,

    Trulli 173, 60, 560,

    Kovalainen 172, 66, 554,

    Glock 169, 64, 556,

    Senna 180, 69, 551,

    de la Rosa 177, 74, 546,

    Kobayashi 170, 63, 557,

    So what does all this data mean well the Average for Height, weight and Car weight is 176cm tall, 69kg and a 552kg Car. strangely Alonso, Hamilton and Schumacher fit these values almost perfectly. from this we can conclude that a driver who is approximatively 176cm tall and 69kg has a positive chance of achieving a world championship simply because of his natural size.

    But why is this the case?

    Obviously their is the minimum car weight of 620kg. which each car must weigh for the data it is clear that drivers of 69kg tend to get better results then their heavier and taller counterparts. the exception to the rule is Jenson Button, but in his case you could say hey just had the best car and a teammate of similar weight.

    For arguments sake lets compare Webber and Vettle two of the closest qualifying rivals this year many people say webber is an extraordinarily good qualifier but no one seem to say it know? nothing has changed except his team and teammate. one explanation comes from the data. while vettle RB6 weights 552kg Webbers wights 542. we can only speculate but the data seems to support that having more weight in the cockpit has an adverse effect on weight distribution. it also mean that webber and vettle are not necessarily driving the same car one is 10kg heavier…

    Anyway ill let you be the judge but in conclusion i would like to say that the taller drivers or more importantly the heavier drivers would not be called awesome driver by some but when you move into the 66-69kg bracket alot of ‘excellent’ drivers emerge.

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