The most embarrassing thing you ever did !

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    We all love F1 but may be sometimes we did something that after a while we realize that we shouldn’t have done that.So what is the most embarrassing thing you ever did related to F1?

    For me it will be the 2005 British GP when I went to my friends birthday party while only seeing the first 30 laps of the race because Schumacher wasn’t winning those days, later do I realize that F1 is not about only Ferrari & Schumacher.For this incident I still pinch myself & guess what since then I never missed a race live.



    I once texted the 5 Live team during a practice session and while I was watching it, I decided to text my mate and it was full of colourful language but I accidentally sent it to 5 Live because my phone annoyingly automatically kept the previous number in place.

    They never read out any of them.



    I once posted an article on my F1 blog that Fernando Alonso had won his third Drivers Championship…… Oh wait! That wasn’t me!!!!



    I cried when I was about 7 years old at Silverstone because I was in the wrong queue to get an autograph from Ralf Schumacher and Eddie Jordan.

    They lifted me up onto the stage though and eventually got a signed Jordan poster from the both of them.



    Sometimes crying does help.



    Possibly this summer when I excitedly told everyone that I was going to finish work early in order to watch the Belgian Grand Prix live, only to get my weeks mixed up and end up working that weekend.

    I then compounded this by ensuring that I asked for the Sunday prior to Monza off in the mistaken belief that the Italian GP was a week earlier than it was…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Probably the time I did enough to pass my final university subject, but failed the exam by two marks, meaning that I’m now two marks short of graduating and in limbo.

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