The Most Hated Person in F1

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    Guys, this is just to see who you really hate in Formula 1 :D

    Sounds quite horrible, but surely there’s someone out there in that pit-lane you despise!

    So I will start off then. That guy who use to be in the Ferrari pit garage. You know the one! He’s quite obese with brown/ginger hair and has a beard. The one who celebrated when he seen Massa “swipe” off Hamilton in Japan 2008 on Lap 2. I well and truly dislike that man.

    Another that is coming to my attention is when Vettel gets pole (hmm, very rare :O) theres a guy always on his own that celebrates when looking at the monitor and points his finger to the camera that is on him, celebrating like HE IS Vettel. I don’t know what it is but it just goes right through me.

    So, it’s your turn to say who you truly hate lol. It can be anyone that is involved with F1: media, drivers, pit crew.




    The second man you refer is Ole Shack. Seen it on a BBC video.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    There’s some guy – apparently he’s some kind of DJ – who can usually be seen celebrating in the pits with the team whose driver wins the WCC. Nobody seems to know who he is, but he’s always dressed up in team colours and seems to be front and centre for the celebrations. He’s barrel-chested and overweight (but not the guy JT19 is talking about). He was in the Ferrari garage in 2007, McLaren in 2008 and Red Bull in 2010. No-one knows where he was in 2009, or why he wasn’t in the Brawn garage. But he’s the ultimate bandwagoner: he acts like he’s a major part of the team, but he’s always in with the championship winners.

    Bernie is probably the person most people hate, though I often get the feeling that people disagree with him simply because he’s the one who said something. If someone like Whitmarsh had come up with the idea of medals, it wouldn’t have been nearly as derided. Shot down, certainly, but not so blithely discredited.

    The most-hated person on the grid is probably Fernando Alonso. Ignoring the stouch with Hamilton in 2007 and the fuel both the Spanish and British press threw on that fire, Alonso seems to have a very closed personality. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but the way it manifests itself makes him seem arrogant. Like when he said he wasn’t worried about Vitaly Petrov because he didn’t consider Petrov to be a title contender. Well sure, the Russian isn’t a contender, Fred, but as long as he keeps finishing in front of you, he’s going to be a problem that you have to deal with. Elsewhere, he just seems over-rated, and his fans are particularly militant. everyone points to Germany 2010 as being a case where Alonso was clearly faster than Massa, and so asking for Massa to be moved over was entirely justified – but it Alonso was nearly as good as people were making out, then he was so much faster that he wouldn’t have needed Massa to mvoe over because he would have driven clean around the Brazilian. Before Alonso, Nelson Piquet Jnr. was the most-hated man in the sport.

    Dany Bahar also gets a bad rap, largely because people seem to think he’s trying to hijack the Lotus name from Fernandes. The only reason why Fernandes gets any support is becuse he was in the sport for a year. But if you really look at what is going on, there’s a lot to support Dany Bahar. Nevertheless, people still think he should give over and let Fernandes use the Lotus name because it would be “free publicity” (but given the situation, it’s about the same as Barack Obama asking Muammar Qaddafi to appear as the face of America’s new tourist campaign). Some of the comments from Fernandes and Gascoyne in particular – namely the stuff about aiming to “embarrass” other teams – have not endeared the team to anyone, while others (like “the good always win eventually”) just speak to a loosening grip on reality.



    I don’t like these people, with only the person at the very top being in the ‘hate’ camp:

    Flavio Briatore

    Fernando Alonso

    Yuki Ide

    Juan Montoya

    James Allen

    Jonathan Legard

    Hermann Tilke

    Colin Kolles

    Kazuki Nakajima


    sbl on tour

    hates quite a strong word, however there are a few people I dislike

    1 marko

    2 schumacher

    3 those pr people that tell the drivers what to say and do

    4 daddy hamilton (from time to time)

    5 rob smedley

    6 if I wasnt an alonso/ ferrari fan I would probably dislike them too, so I can see why alonso isnt liked that much

    7 gerard berger , when he,s about

    8 that bloke on the podium, cos I want his job

    9 regie/lotus, ie boulliers lot

    10 ned flanders, only joking!

    note, I have not included those two torro rossers in this group, as i, m sure they could both be decent blokes



    Well, I don’t hate anyone in F1, but I do have a (Quite large) list of people I dislike.

    Lewis Hamilton

    Sebastien Vettel

    Flavio Briatore

    Charlie Whiting (I don’t know why, but he just annoys me)

    Whoever writes Hamilton’s speeches

    And a couple more…



    Here is my er…list!

    Lewis Hamilton

    Martin Whitmarsh

    Juan Pablo Montoya

    Colin Kolles

    Jackie Stewart

    Nigel Stepney

    Flavio Briatore

    Is it wrong that I even have a list? I would also add Eddie Jordan but to be honest I think so little of him and the nonsense he spouts that putting him on the list would give him too much credit!



    “8 that bloke on the podium, cos I want his job”

    Is that the one who gives them the hats and the watches?? Yeah, i would like that job too but every time I see him, i keep thinking he’s lonely lol, no-one speaks to him and he always has a sad face :(


    Ned Flanders

    Hey driftin, what’s wrong with Yuji Ide and Kazuki Nakajima?! They weren’t great but they were hardly exactly dislikable surely…

    I certainly don’t hate the man, but I’ve never much liked Joe Saward. Sometimes his arrogance and rudeness is just incredible, and his blog seems to be as much an outlet for his whinging than a place to read about F1. Shame, because he also speaks a lot of sense at times


    sbl on tour

    jt19 – um, hadnt thought of that!

    asanator – I have been lucky to met EJ a few times and I regard him as a top, top bloke,



    As mentioned earlier, hate is a strong word.. but these are a few people I strongly dislike –

    1) Bernie Ecclestone

    2) Michael Schumacher

    3) Antony Hamilton

    4) Ross Brawn

    Then there are people who just annoy me …

    1) Christian Horner

    2) Jenson Button

    3) Jean Todt

    4) Rubens

    5) Collin Kolles

    6) Liuzzi

    7) Trulli

    8) Karthikeyan



    I found it frustrating watching Petrov last year, a guy who had the pace, but he rarely showed it. However, now he seems to have got his consistency sorted (As in consistenly quick), so I don’t feel annoyed by him anymore.

    Niki Lauda sometimes annoys me when he starts talking rubbish and acting mad at Formula One.

    I also get annoyed with drivers who I feel have wronged Fernando Alonso, I remember shouting at the screen when Vettel pushed Alonso out of the pit exit at Hockenheim 2008. But that’s the Fernando Alonso fanboy in me.

    Luca di Montezemelo is the man I despise the most, I simply just hate how he acts as if Ferrari are the only team in Formula One.



    Hey driftin, what’s wrong with Yuji Ide and Kazuki Nakajima?! They weren’t great but they were hardly exactly dislikable surely…

    It’s more to do with me than them I think. Ide was an entertaining watch because he was so bad and constantly spun off but he just annoyed me because it seemed like he didn’t realise how bad he was.

    Nakajima was just plain bland, absolutely nothing interesting about him. He wasn’t remotely good enough to watch intently, or bad enough to provide comedy and as a personality he was just plain boring.



    Oh, and also Nelson Piquet Jr. I remember being really excited about him coming to Formula One, only for him to let me down big time, though I was still hopeful that he could do well, I was happy with him by the end of the season. In 2009 however he was completely shocking, by far the worst driver of the season. When the whole crashgate happened, I really started to hate him and now I hope to see never see him anywhere near Formula One in the future.

    Piquet is possibly the only driver who I’ve initially supported, only for me to greatly hate in the end.



    In no particular order, the people I dislike or who have annoyed me:

    N. Piquet Jr.

    M. Webber

    M. Mosely

    D. Coulthard (when driving)

    R. Barrichello

    R. Dennis

    E. Jordan (Malaysian GP analysis of Vettel- “one word- cool head”)

    F. Briatore

    C. Kolles

    J.P. Montoya

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