The most important question of the off-season …

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    … What will Sebastian Vettel name his RB7?

    So far we’ve had Julia (his Toro Rosso), Kate, Liz, Mandy and Daisy. Assuming he carries on the sequence – Daisy was out of sequence because the wide yellow nose on the upgrade he got reminded him of Daisy Duck – that means it’s time for a name starting with ‘N’.

    There’s a few things I’ve noticed about the way Vettel names his cars. First of all, he tends to go in for Anglican names rather than Germanic. No doubt there are Kates and Liz-es in Germany, but the spelling has always been the Anglican spelling. Secondly, he tends to go in for the diminiutive of a name. Kate is short for Katherine, Liz is short for Elizabeth, and Mandy is short for Amanda. And starting with Liz (not so much Julia or Kate), he tends to go in for alliteration or sime kind of rhyming sound.

    With that in mind, I reckon he’s go three choices in mind: Natalie, Nicole and Nikki. Of the three, I reckon Nikki is most in line with his naming trends, and it also opens up a whole heap of rhymes to work with that you just don’t get with the other two. Like, say, Sticky Nikki. Or maybe Tricky Nikki. Or even Quickie Nikki (because she’s fast!).

    What do you guys reckon?


    Ned Flanders

    I think he’ll call it Barbara Logan Price



    Fancy Nancy?

    Or perhaps, seeing his car with the number 1 on the front for the first time, he’ll go for Wanda :)



    Helmut’s Bitch.

    I don’t know, I think the names are stupid.



    Well…an awful lot of thought has gone into this!

    I honestly have no idea…

    Maybe the #1 on the front will suffice.



    I think he’ll call it Barbara Logan Price

    Nicely done Ned! Salad Fingers references are always class.



    Naughty Natasha


    Barbara Streisand


    Ned Flanders

    Haha, I’m glad someone got it!



    Naughty Nikkie would really pee off one of my mates… I hope it’s that!!



    Wait which one was Kate’s Dirty Sister then?



    Bex the sex

    Nympish Naomi

    Probably something fun about a girl. I actually think quickky Nikki could be a candidate and that would really annoy one of my friends too :P



    Kate’s Prudish Cousin.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Wait which one was Kate’s Dirty Sister then?

    It was the first chassis he got after Melbourne last year. He wrote the original Kate off in that collision with Robert Kubica. Red Bull rebuilt the chassis and added some upgrades. She was “faster and meaner” than the original Kate, so he renamed her.


    Stephen Jones

    this name making is almost like a science!

    Nikki sounds good.. even though one of my friends will get a little bit angry..



    Maybe Nicole, might remind him too much of lewis’ Gf though…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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