The Mystery Hospitality Man

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    New to the forums so not sure if this question has came up before, apologies if it has, but it’s been plaguing my Dad and I every race this season.

    Who is the mystery hospitality man seen at the end of each grand prix, handing the podium finishers water, towels, caps and watches before hurrying them out on to the podium. He’s been at every race since at least last year, so he must be either important or trusted. Oh, and he looks a fair bit like Jason Statham. Unfortunately I don’t have any videos of photos of him handy, but I thought now would be an appropriate time to ask so that everyone scratching their heads can look out for him on Sunday morning.

    Does he have a name? What’s his job title? Does he get paid handsomely jetsetting around the world to give world-class F1 drivers a pat on the back or does he do something between races? I’d be extremely surprised if anyone knew – if not, then we can always speculate!



    This has always intrigued me too.

    I have no idea who he is though…


    Ned Flanders

    Ooh I vaguely remember reading this a while ago, in F1 Racing I think. I’d look it up but I have no idea which issue it might’ve been. Actually, come to think of it maybe it was on James Allen or Ted Kravitz’s blog?! If I remember correctly he does all sorts of odd jobs at the races



    Like Ned I read it in F1 racing and all I can remember is that his first name is Alex.


    sbl on tour

    yep, i read about him a while ago but cant remember where, anyway he has a cushy number, doesnt show much emotion mind.

    mind you he is a sneaky so and so, cos in germany with the binocs you could make out the rear of the podium for the minor races, anyway come sunday the gap was covered over!!

    another thing I had a chuckle about, they had an arrow on the rear of the german flag so that it went up the right way!!!

    geez a job

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