The return of quick Nick?

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    Could take Pedro’s seat by Singa? What do you think?



    Sounds like… BOO-YA! (an internetz if you find the cartoon reference)

    Besides fun, wasn’t there a clause in his Pirelli contract? And who will be the replacement Pirelli tester? (PdlR methinks?)



    I said this in the comments of the “Should Heidfeld be allowed to race next year” on the main site, but I think Heidfeld and his german passport can stay as far away from a race seat as possible.

    He’s been perfectly uninspiring in his 10 years in F1, McLaren knew that in 2002 – despite supporting his junior racing career they passed over him for some relative unknown, Raikkonen…

    If Sauber are considering replacinf DeLa Rosa then I think they should go for some young blood again.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sounds like a mistake.

    And I can’t see how it would be rmeotely viable without compromising Heidfeld’s position as Pirelli test driver.



    Weal, I think Sauber could do worse than Heidfeld next year, as well as making some nice overtakes in his time with us, something often overlooked, he’ll bring massive experiance, to be put into car development and set up. Knowledge of the Pirelli for a decent competative advantage on track and in development.

    Certainly better for the team than another rookie, an he’s reliable he’ll bring them points, many more than De La Rosa for sure.


    Felipe Bomeny

    They’ve been trying to replace De La Rosa for a while- as early as Silverstone, said Auto Motor und Sport. They gave Pedro a bunch of chances, and while Filippi and/or Maldonado could’ve replaced him, they didn’t, and his time is up. Although I’m no Heidfeld fan, he’s gonna be better than DLR, and DLR is going to replace him at Pirelli. DLR would be better for tyre testing being a great test/development driver. Nick is the most consistent F1 driver ever, and given the unreliable Sauber, the team would be smart to use him…



    I would like to see Nick return in Singapore if not may be for 2011.


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