The rolling F1 poem

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    I thought this might be a nice idea to have a rolling poem especially considering the most popular member on this site is well known for his poetic talents. So here’s the rules: you can have as many goes as you like but each individual post can only be one stanza long (consisting of 4 lines), use rhyming couplets and be about F1 or f1fanatic or its members and then it’s onto the next person.

    So to get us started…

    Today we saw the Caterham,
    but it all felt a sham;
    to call it “ugly” would be kind,
    as it nearly sent me blind!


    Dan Thorn

    Great thread!

    The saddest thing about the nose
    is that because of the regulations,
    other cars are likely to host
    similar looking aberrations!



    I read the title and thought: “This thread must’ve been created by @steph“… and well, it was!



    Is that a good thing @fixy ? :? :P



    Well, @steph … good, of course! I like reading F1 poems, and we have here some amazing talents (@magnificent-geoffrey, anyone?)!
    And there are some other great and longer poems on here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1/forum/topic/f1-poetry/


    Say what you will about the car,
    And all its curves and joints.
    I care more what the chances are,
    Of this thing scoring points!



    The new car was a surprise,
    and when we saw it we froze:
    most of us strongly despise
    its ridiculous, ugly nose!


    But does it matter how it looks,
    When all is said and done?
    It’s built for turning corners,
    It’s not built to turn you on!



    A Ferrari turns me on
    Caterham is just a pawn
    If this thing scores a point
    I will never smoke a joint



    Yes, looks may disgust,
    but who knows, it might be fast.
    Though one thing that’s a must;
    Is that it doesn’t come in last!



    The nose on that car is indeed very low,
    but there’s another worry on the mind of mine,
    the second seat should go to Vitaly Petrov,
    and someone should just stick to making wine.



    But I still quite like Trulli
    and Petrov’s not the best
    despite attracting Fernando’s fury
    all he did was cause Renault stress


    But wasn’t he great,
    On that November eve?
    He held up Fernando,
    And left him quite peeved!



    It wasn’t great!
    I was devastated!
    I guess it was fate
    but with Ferrari I’m still a little jaded


    Then how about Sauber,
    My sweet Northern lass?
    They use the same engines,
    But the team has more class.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)

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