The Sensible Season.

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    F1’s top teams seem to be going out of their way to crush mindless transfer speculation which is frankly unsporting. An it seems the top four teams are all on their way retaining their line ups. Especially now that Massa and Webber have re-signed.

    However further down it might get interesting. How much movement do you see in the driver market next year? Who to were?

    Personally I think Renault are going to ditch Petrov, he’ll be an unnecessary weight to carry if they start challenging for championships. His seat could well go to either Glock or Sutil.



    Looks like this “silly season” will be much much more sensible than last year. No big moves to mention at all.



    @ Scribe – I don’t agree, I think Petrov has done a fine job and he is only going to get better. If teams start switching drivers every year we’ll never get to see the true talent of the younger drivers.

    The only change I can see is Vitantonio Liuzzi will be out and Paul Di Resta will replace him.



    lol at “Sensible Season”

    I think the sillyness may begin to get going toward the lower end of the grid, will Buemi keep his drive? Trulli could well retire, there might be two new places at any new team triggering fevered speculation about a Jaques Villeneuve return. Di Resta may well be a sensation when he gets the Force India drvie some point this year. Schumy may give up for good after he has a bit of a scary accident opening up a place at Merc.

    At the moment everything is quite Sensible, but its still early days. Be patient there’s plenty of time for some sillyness yet.

    PS. I think Petrov is very likely to keep his seat at Renault, he’s been doing a pretty good job. Not sensational, but a good number two to Kubica.



    So really how many seats are we looking at.

    Top 4: Safe

    Renault: I think Vitaly could loose it if they feel they’re championship contenders.

    Force India: Sutil’s made himself safe, but may try to move upwards, Liuzzi seat will obviously go to Di Resta.

    Williams:Safe probably, unless the drivers want out.

    Sauber: De la Rosa ain’t gonna be here next year. Kobayashi may well stay.

    Lotus: I don’t see Trulli staying.

    Virgin: Di Grassi is a hmm, Glock may leave for greener pastures.

    HRT: Who can even guess?

    New Team: Two Seats.

    So thats up to 6 seats by my count that could be up for grabs. And two seats in the new team, which is definatley comming last next year.



    Well if there is any steam to the story that STR will be taken over by Paris Mullins and his squad would you expect them to retain the current drivers? And the new team taking the 13th spot if they are smart and take over the Toyota design and build from there they have the chance of being in the middle of the new teams?

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