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    I have been at home during the week for various reasons and on Monday got a “Mercedes return to F1” documentary- not a few years back, but 40… no 50!! Also had a good doco on F1 in the 50’s, some 60’s but a special on Sir Stirling Moss!! :)

    It had the GREAT old circuits- Spa, Monaco, REAL Monza, France, Silverstone- we had the great post of “what I found in the basement” with F1F’s Mum & Dad being at a test (Britain I think??). Well this took lack of saftey to a new level! 20-30 people ON the grid taking photos at the start, no saftey rails, no saftey ANYTHING, and my personal favorite, pit crew holding the lap board and working on the cars while smoking- you have to laugh hey!!

    While Moss centric (and deserved) it did see him going out in Spa (1954 I think) running back to the pits (so we assume he was close to the pits or a better mid distance runner than Jenson who’s pace is almost world class) and TOOK HIS TEAMMATES CAR to continue in 5th!!

    I love it and think bring it back these days for sure!! Mark Webber in China (I think) this year- “Christian, my tyre fell off, not good, tell Seb to pit I am taking his car next lap” or “Christian, my KERS sucks, tell him to pull over at T9”

    Massa “I will now take Fernando’s car for tha last 5 laps”…………. Smedley “Um, Feilpe, Alosnso has been on the podium 30 min ago and now back at the hotel”

    A bit of fun but great to see REALLY old school and how it was done- personally I like our current day F1 better though!! :)

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