Time for split screen F1?

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    It would work really well for pit stops. We used to have Murray saying “You watch the ‘driver A’, I’ll look for ‘driver B'”.

    I think a new director would be better as in yesterdays race we saw a lot of German drivers even when there wasn’t a battle going on. We saw Jenson Button about 2 seconds behind Sutil just because he is German, whilst this was happening Webber and Alonso were closing the gap to Hamilton and we only saw this once they had really bunched up.



    We used to get PIP (Picture in Picture) of the pitstops whilst the main shot was of the cars coming down the pit straight. It always worked well in the past, I don’t know why they don’t do it nowadays. :S

    With regards the split screen, I like what the BBC are doing for the Quali lap analysis between 1st and 2nd, more of that please as it really gives a good idea of where one driver was faster than the on their respective laps, but during the race? I think it would confuse the directors even more than they seem to be now.

    I’d like on board PIP as an option when following a close battle but other than that I am pretty happy with the camera views we get, it is just the director that organises them who should, on occasion, be shot.



    Maybe not full split-screen but a pop-out of some other action would be useful. For example without sound yesterday (at neices party) I did not see Mark Webber enter the pits, would have been nice to show it and would be useful for others to see.

    I agree though, its mostly OK but then everyone has a different view on who they want to see.



    I’m not sure. I think trying to concentrate on two screens would be difficult. I’d much prefer a replay to catch up on things that have been missed.


    For pit stops, this would be a brilliant idea, but not for actual racing. You need to focus on one battle at a time. If there is more than one battle happening at a time, then we have to make do with replays for one of them I guess. F1 has become a victim of its own success, in the past we would have never been having a conversation about too many battles up and down the field!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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